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Brazilian Buttock Lift / BBL

The Brazilian buttock lift is a surgical procedure that ensures fuller and nicely shaped buttocks. The goal is to tighten and plump the buttocks. The ratio between the buttocks, waist, and hips also improves with this procedure.

Buttock correction can be performed on people whose hips are not visible, have indeterminate body lines that prevent clothing from fitting correctly, or people who have small and flat bottoms.

“The Brazilian buttock lift operation is done in Turkey. A great team welcomes you for a buttock correction in Istanbul, which is cheaper in every way.”

About the BBL Operation

Our goal in Brazilian Buttock Lift is not just to inject and increase fat, as buttock surgeries performed with such thought will produce unwanted results. Therefore, it is necessary to take the body as a whole and assess it in proportion. The patient’s expectations, wishes, and problems are evaluated with the doctor, and action is taken in consultation with the patient.

The purpose of the Brazilian buttock lift is to maintain a natural appearance.

The operation aims to make the buttocks more elevated, fuller, and the lines that are supple and feminine to the fore.

The BBL Surgery Procedure

Before surgery, your plastic surgeon will come to your room and tell you about the areas where fat is being sucked out. With the help of drawings on the body, the doctor determines which parts of fat will be sucked out with liposuction and in which parts of the buttocks it will be injected.

“Brazilian buttock lift surgery is performed in Turkey under general anesthesia. The patient does not feel pain during the operation.”

The operation starts with liposuction. Necessary fats are extracted with liposuction from the front abdominal wall, armbands, and back. The main thing is not only to remove the fat to be injected into the buttocks but also to perform liposuction so that the body takes the shape of an hourglass or the body lines that the patient wants. For this, the health status of the patient should not be ignored. During the liposuction procedure, the doctor determines how much fat can be extracted according to the patient’s health status.

The displaced fats are enriched with stem cells to be injected.

The BBL operation can take an average of 2 to 4 hours. After the procedure, the patient is dressed in a corset. It is necessary to wear drains to make it easier to remove the fluid that is injected into the body for liposuction. You will receive a unique pillow for the buttocks that are used to lie more comfortably and to distribute the fats evenly.

Your meal will be brought about 4 to 6 hours after surgery. It is normal to have mild pain. This period can be easily overcome with painkillers.

For Brazilian buttock lift operations, you have to stay one night in the hospital. You can stay another night if your doctor considers it necessary. The next day, your final checkups will be done by the plastic surgeon.

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The Recovery Period After Brazilian Butt Lift Operation

Corset use should be continued for 3-6 weeks after butt surgery. It will take 4-6 months for the edema in the body to be removed entirely. You will start to do daily activities easily on the second and third days of the surgery.

You can start walking a week after surgery. We recommend that you begin exercising for approximately two months.

How Many Days Do I Have to Stay in Turkey for the Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

You have to stay overnight in Turkey for 5 to 6 days for the BBL operation. You will have to stay overnight in the hospital on the day of your procedure. On other days you will stay in a hotel arranged by us. Your last checkup will be done three days after the operation, and the operation process will be completed.

Will the Fat in My Butt Melt?

After a Brazilian buttock lift, some of the fat injected into the buttock is expected to melt. For this reason, our plastic surgeons transfer the necessary fat to the buttocks taking into account the melting rate. Buttock correction can be repeated if the patient requests it in the coming years.

Do I Keep Having Scars?

No cuts are made in the body during the Brazilian buttock lift. Fat is taken from the selected areas with very thin cannulas connected to a liposuction device, re-injected into the buttocks with very thin cannulas. For this reason, the scars will start to disappear in a short time.

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Who Are Suitable for Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt surgery can be performed on people with smaller buttocks, people who do not have the necessary shape between the back and buttocks, people with flaccid and flat buttocks. Women and men who want more body contours and tighter buttocks can have this surgery.

Is the Brazilian Buttock Lift Suitable for Slim People?

Buttock correction can be done in two ways. We make Brazilian buttocks with the fat injection for a more natural look. The patient must have enough fat in the body. If enough fat cannot be taken from the patient, the surgery cannot proceed. Another method we use for slim patients is buttock implants.

Why Do We Do the Brazilian Butt Lift Operation in Turkey?

There are many reasons why we are doing surgery in Turkey. All these reasons give you an advantage. Let’s list some benefits.

  1. The price of plastic surgery in Turkey is lower than in many European and other countries. The big exchange rate difference gives you a significant price advantage.
  2. Professional teams run health organizations in Turkey. Experienced care advisers and organization teams ensure a smooth care journey.
  3. Turkey is in the top three of the world rankings with its fully equipped hospitals and plastic surgeons.
  4. The hotels where we stay in Istanbul are comfortable with making you feel at home. You can also take the time to visit Istanbul’s historic sites.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Prices

We offer the operation that we carry out in Turkey as a package. This package includes hotel, VIP transfer service to and from the Airport, your doctor, medicines, corsets that you will wear after surgery. Your operation will be performed in an “A class” hospital.

You can adapt the surgery package to your own needs and requirements. For this, you can forward these requests to our health assistants via WhatsApp or direct phone. Your package price becomes clear based on the preferences. You can directly inquire about the cost of the Brazilian butt lift via our contact numbers.

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