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The E-Consult form is an information form that we have prepared to get to know you better. In this form, we ask you questions about your habits, your past health problems, and your health status today.

Our health advisor first sends this completed form to the relevant doctor. Based on this information, the doctor will advise on the operation. Incorrect and incomplete forms can influence your doctor’s opinion of you. That is why you should make sure that you fill in the E-Consult form completely and correctly.

As you know, the operations are carried out in Istanbul, Turkey. For this reason, we want to evaluate all your risk factors before embarking on this journey. A proper treatment plan will be drawn up based on the information you provide.

You can also add your photos in the E-Consult form. Based on the operation/treatment you are interested in, you can add one or more pictures under the “images” section. You can also add test results, X-rays, and any other information you consider essential for your surgery.

Taking recent photos from different angles will help us in the evaluation. Example Liposuction: Send pictures of your stomach, armbands, and entire back.

You are our guest in Istanbul, Turkey, for all your cosmetic and medical procedures or other treatments. That’s why we want everything to be perfect. Remember that the E-Consult form is the first step on your journey to perfection.

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