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2021 Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Prices

Dear guests,

Before specifying the prices of aesthetics, eye and stomach reduction surgery in 2021, to leave the Covid-19 pandemic period that started in 2020 behind as soon as possible and to support the difficulties experienced by our guests in this difficult period, we decided not to increase the prices of aesthetic operations in 2021.

The topics we have mentioned below are an informative letter explaining the principles of the price increase.

Aesthetic surgery prices differ every year for distinctive reasons. If you visit the link below, you will be able to check the 2021 plastic surgery prices.

As Health and Beauty Travel we want to raise awareness about aesthetic prices in Turkey to our guests. We think that it is their most essential right to know the details of the subject, and for this reason, we will consider the situations that affect aesthetic prices in a few items.

How Much Will Aesthetic Surgery Prices Be In 2021?

There will be an increase in aesthetic prices Turkey 2021 for several reasons. An increase in prices, especially in the service sector, will affect the prices of aesthetics; eg hotel prices. Hotel prices in Turkey show increases twice a year. This price increase is naturally reflected in the organization’s firm. Another reason is the increase in hospital prices. The prices of private hospitals in Turkey is implementing price increases made through the medical supplies they receive.

As Health and Beauty Travel, we decided to continue on the price list for 2020.

Aesthetic Prices in Turkey and Frequently Asked Questions

We make all our operations in Turkey as Health and Beauty Travel. Since most of our guests come from European and world countries, they convey to us that they want to have many plastic surgeries done at the same time. In such cases, the priority is not to endanger the health status of the patient and to reveal whether there is an obstacle to the operation by performing a health screening.

Questions from our guests come specially from combined surgeries. Although the experience and experience of our doctor stand out in this regard, the health status of the patient is the most important criterion.

In light of the 2021 combined surgery prices requests from you, the following surgery packages have been created.

These are just some of the combined surgeries we mentioned above. You can reach other combined surgeries from the list of 2021 aesthetic prices.

2021 Weight Loss Surgery Prices Turkey

We will act in parallel with the price list applied in 2020 for the 2021 price list of weight loss surgery. We follow the price increases implemented in Turkey in weight loss surgery. We continue to work in order not to reflect the increases in the hotel, transfer, medical, and hospital prices to you.

You can get the answers to the questions listed above from our call center or you can find the answers from the forms you fill out.

There will be rapid weight loss after weight loss surgery. Although the body structure varies from person to person, tummy tuck, thigh lift, or arm lift may be needed.

In 2021, the price difference will not be reflected our guests who wish for aesthetic surgery after weight loss surgery.

Our guests, who are advantageous in many ways, will always feel the close range of the hospital to the hotel, the experience of the hospital, and the doctor’s in weight reduction surgeries.

2021 Eye Surgery, Smart Lens, Laser, and Cataract Surgery Prices

We operate eye surgeries in a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The hospital, where only eye surgeries are performed, has a specialist physician staff.

In 2021, we fixed the prices of Multifocal Lens operation, Cataract surgery, and smart lens, which we call Trifocal lens, with the prices of 2020 eye surgery.

Thanks to the advanced technology applied in the eye surgeries we organize, we cleansed our guests from their problems.

We have put an end to the demands of patients over the age of 40-45, such as shortsightedness and farsightedness and wearing glasses while reading a book. Thanks to the smart lenses we call Multifocal and Trifocal lenses, we witnessed them being happy after approximately 15 minutes of operation.

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