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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Process

In Turkey, we have prepared answers to many frequently asked questions about the BBL aesthetics for you. You will be able to find everything you wonder about the BBL surgery known with BBL from before to after the surgery.

Preparation Before BBL Operation

  • – You must fast 8-10 hours before the operation. So you are not allowed to eat or drink anything.
  • – Wearing comfortable clothing is preferable for surgery.
  • – Showering the morning of surgery will help you relax.
  • – No make-up before surgery.
  • – You must remove your metal objects such as piercings, jewelry, and hairpins before the operation.
  • – If you are taking blood thinners, you must stop at least ten days before the operation. It would be best if you did not take vitamin E.
  • – Please inform us of the daily medications you are taking.
  • – Herbal and supportive products such as herbal tea and green tea should NOT be consumed for at least ten days before and ten days after surgery. Green tea, in particular, can cause severe bleeding.
  • – Notify us in time if you have complaints such as a cold and flu. This may cause your operation to be canceled.
  • – Don’t forget to mention if you are taking blood pressure, heart, sugar, or thyroid medications. Bring your medication.
  • – You must stop taking your contraceptive medication four weeks before the operation.
  • – Get some rest before surgery. Do not make strenuous efforts.
  • – Stop smoking and alcohol consumption for one week in advance.
  • – If possible, send us the blood count results, Pt, and Aptt blood tests one week before the operation.
  • – On the day of the operation, you may bring someone along for support.

Where Do You Operate the BBL Surgery?

BBL surgery is operated on in an A-Class hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

How Many Days I Have to Stay In Turkey for BBL Surgery?

You have to stay 5-6 days in Turkey for BBL surgery.

How Many Days Do I Have to Stay In the Hospital?

You have to stay for one night.

Is There Someone Who Can Help In Turkey?

Firstly, we welcome you at the airport in Turkey. On the day of operation, the health assistant will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the hospital. It will be with you in all your processes. The assistant will accompany you during the discharge procedures and control processes.

How Many Hours Does BBL Surgery Take?

The operation takes approximately 2-4 hours. If another procedure is to be combined with BBL or if the amount of fat removed is high, this period may be longer.

What Is The Type Anesthesia of BBL?

BBL is operated on under general anesthesia.

Are The Fat On My Butt Permanent? Will They Disappear?

Although this situation may vary from person to person, it is related to how the person takes care of himself after the operation. If the instructions given after the procedure are followed, almost all of them remain permanent.

Does The Fat Take In Helps to Lose Weight?

In Brazilian butt surgery, fat will be taken from many areas to make the body contours distinct, although the buttocks need the fat. This situation inevitably causes a change in your body lines. Liposuction is an operation performed not to lose weight but to correct your body contours.

Will There Be a Scar On My Butt?

Thin cannulas are used to inject fat into the butt. Small scars begin to disappear on the skin over time. These scars are minimized with the creams that will be recommended to you.

When Be Will My Stitches Removed?

There is no stitching in BBL surgeries.

How Old Can I Have a BBL Surgery?

BBL aesthetics age limit is 18. It can be done earlier with the mother and father’s consent and if your doctor deems it appropriate.

Should I Use a BBL Pillow?

BBL pillow must be used. You will be given a BBL pillow after the operation. After this process, care should be taken to use the BBL pillow for one month.

When Can I Take a Shower?

You can take a shower two days after the BBL operation.

Will I Use a Corset?

Fat is taken from you by the liposuction method for BBL surgery. A corset is attached to the fat-removed areas after the operation, both for injection into the butt and for the formation of smooth body lines. This corset should be used for one month.

Will I Be Given a Rest Report For My Workplace After BBL Surgery?

If the patient’s condition and the doctor deems it appropriate, a 3-day rest report can be given after liposuction.

When Can I Start Sports Activities?

Do not neglect short walks one week after the operation. Start your regular walks next week. You can start typical sports two months later.

If I Lose Weight, Will The Fat In My Butt?

If you lose weight, fat injected into your butt may disappear like your other fat cells. But it will never be the same.

Is BBL Good For My Cellulite?

Fat is taken from certain areas in the BBL process. If there is a need to remove fat from legs and cellulite, there may be some remittance in cellulite.

Will My Insurance Cover My BBL Surgery?

Your insurance does not cover BBL surgery.

Can I Have BBL Surgery During Pregnancy?

Liposuction surgery operated with general anesthesia may harm the baby. It is more appropriate to apply BBL when the breastfeeding period is over after birth.

Would It Be Beneficial to Have a Massage After BBL Surgery?

We recommend massage after BBL surgery. You can massage to reduce edema and swell in the areas where fat is removed and make the body lines smoother.

Where Can I Have BBL Surgery?

We operate BBL surgery in Turkey. We prefer fully equipped hospitals with intensive care units. It is essential to choose an equipped hospital for the BBL performed by Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

How Much Does BBL Surgery Costs?

BBL surgery prices are given as a package. Hotel, transfer, corset, medicines, and operation are included in this process. You can get information from our call center portion or prices for liposuction operations we did in Turkey.