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Hair Transplantation With Sedation (Narcosis)

Road to Perfection

Hair Transplantation With Sedation (Narcosis)

Road to Perfection

Hair Transplantation With Sedation (Narcosis)

In this article, we will try to explain why hair transplantation under sedation, or light sleep, is a good idea and how it works.

Health and Beauty Travel has added Sedated Hair Transplantation to make hair transplant patients more comfortable and make sure they finish the process in the best way possible so they can see results.

How Does Sedated Hair Transplant Work?

In the traditional method of hair transplantation, local anesthesia is used to numb the area where hair follicles are taken and transplanted. Many places that do hair transplants still use and apply this method.

In the method of hair transplantation with sedation, the patient is given light sedation through an intravenous line before the transplantation begins. This keeps the patient asleep, especially for the first 30 minutes. As long as hair transplantation is going on, sedation is given to the patient, and they do not feel any pain during the process.

An Anesthesiologist is there when a hair transplant is done under general anesthesia. The Doctor is in charge of making sure that the patient stays in control.

Before hair transplantation begins, a consultation with an anesthesiologist takes place. The patient is checked to see if they are allergic to the sedative and if they have any health problems, such as high blood pressure. Once it is decided that all the conditions are right, hair transplantation with sedation and narcosis can begin.

How Should Patients Be Prepared for Sedated (Narcosis) Hair Transplantation?

During the process of getting ready for a hair transplant with sedation, the only thing the patient has to do is not eat or drink for 6 hours before the transplant. Six hours before the procedure, you should not eat or drink anything. No smoking. Smoking during a hair transplant slows down the flow of blood and the healing of the wound.

What are the Advantages of Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation with Sedation Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey, we sedate our patients, which means we put them to sleep, before we do hair transplantation surgery on them. We are planning hair transplants at Hair Center Of Turkey.

The fact that both Hair Center of Turkey and Health and Beauty Travel strive for perfection is what makes them work together. This center is one of the top three hair transplant centers in Turkey. It has a professional hair team, a modern architectural structure, hair transplant technology, a hair care unit, and a perfect organization team.

Comments of Patients Who Had Hair Transplantation Under Sedation

Everyone who has had a hair transplant under sedation says it was very comfortable. They said that, unlike other hair transplant patients and Google comments, they did not feel any pain from the needles, they were not bored, and the 7-8 hours went by very quickly.

Hair Transplantation Price Under Sedation Turkey

The price of a hair transplant with anesthesia and sedation is 500 euros more than the price of a hair transplant without anesthesia and sedation. The procedure will be done based on what the anesthesiologist finds out. Before the hair transplant starts, the anesthesiologist gives sedation and checks on the patient.