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What is the Trifocal Lens (Smart Lens)?

With advancing age, longsightedness and farsightedness problems begin. Especially after the age of 40-45, glasses may be required. With the decrease in the quality of vision, problems occur in the quality of life. The reason for this is that the natural lenses in the eye lose their flexibility. The operation performed to eliminate this problem is the Trifocal Lens operation.

Smart Lens Is Applied to Whom?

  • People over the age of 40
  • For those with far and near vision problems
  • Patients who have had an eye operation but have problems again in the future
  • Patients who cannot be corrected with an eye laser
  • Patients diagnosed with cataracts

Advantages of Smart Lens

  • You no longer need to wear glasses.
  • The problem of seeing far, near, and intermediate distance is eliminated.
  • You do not need to have cataract surgery again.
  • You can view the newspaper and computer easily.
  • The operation takes 10 minutes.
  • You do not have to stay in the hospital.
  • Turkey travel about four days is enough.
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How To Decide On The Smart Lens Operation?

The operation we call the trifocal lens, or smart lens is a short procedure. The point to be considered here is to decide on the operation according to the patients’ needs. For this, we need to examine a few details before the procedure.

  1. Since the guest will come from Europe or other countries, eye problems should be clarified first.
  2. The guest should have an eye examination in his/her own country and inform us of his doctor’s suggestion.
  3. He/she should send us his/her eye examination results and eye measurement values.
  4. Our ophthalmologist evaluates the measurement results, expectations of the patient, and the eye problems experienced. We receive the evaluation results, and we will be notified of which action will be appropriate.
  5. The residence time of operation and prices in Turkey are explained in detail to you.

Information About Trifocal Lens Operation

We perform smart lens (trifocal lens) operations in Turkey. Let’s take a look at what awaits you in the process that takes about four days.

Our guest is taken from the hotel where he is staying and taken to the hospital. Several eye scans are performed at the hospital.

  • Eye Pressure
  • Eye Numbers
  • Eye Tomography (Oct)

The eye examination is started with the results. The ophthalmologist listens to the patient’s complaints, and the operation details are discussed in line with the results. After the examination, eye drops are given to the patient, and the final checks are made approximately 15 minutes later. All results are evaluated, and the patient is taken to his/her room for operation.

The operation takes approximately 10 minutes. On the first day, a single eye operation is performed. The patient is taken to his room with his/her eye bandaged. There may be a stinging sensation in the eye, even if it is mild. Control is done the next day. The bandage is removed, and he/she returns to his everyday life. The next day, an operation is planned for the other eye.

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Advantages of Smart Lens Operation in Turkey

We perform Trifocal Lens (Smart Lens) operations together with specialist doctors in Istanbul, Turkey. We know very well how important is eye health. Therefore, the choice of hospital and doctor is significant for us.

In operation, A-quality lenses approved by the FDA and accepted by world health organizations are used. The warranty certificate of the lens used is given to you.

Smart Lens (Trifocal Lens) Prices in Turkey 2021

You can get the 2021 price of the trifocal lens from our teammates in the call center.

Eye surgery prices are prepared in packages and include hotel, breakfast, VIP transfer, medication, and a health assistant to accompany you.

The Covid-19 period is difficult for everyone. In this epidemic period which the whole world is experiencing, we have decided to continue with 2021 prices with 2020 prices.

2020 prices will be offered to our guests for the Smart Lens Operation, known as distance vision surgery, near vision surgery, reading surgery, and it is the easiest way to get rid of your glasses.

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