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Road to Perfection


Road to Perfection
six pack operatie en two pack operatie


Six Pack and Two Pack Surgery (Abdominal Aesthetic Surgery)

We wanted to inform you more about Six pack and two pack aesthetic surgeries that we have done for a long time but have become more trendy recently. You will find answers to all your questions such as what is it, how it is made, where it is made, what are its benefits and harms, and what are its prices.

What is Six Pack / Two Pack Operation?

The aesthetic surgery applied to make 6 muscles in the abdominal area of men more eye-catching is called Six Pack.

In women, this application is to reveal the two muscles in the abdominal region in parallel which is called Two Pack aesthetic surgery.

Who Is Eligible for Six Pack and Two Pack Surgery?

For many reasons, it would not be a lie to say that we all go to gyms or follow diet programs. The reason is that some of us want to lose weight, some of us want to live a healthier life, and some of us want to have a more aesthetic body. Whether we are not able to adapt to the genetic structure or the programs we are trying to implement, sometimes we cannot get the results we want.

Six-pack and two-pack aesthetics are an outstanding process for people who want to eliminate breast and belly fat, especially for those who do not work hard to achieve a fit appearance.

Suitable criteria for achieving successful results in Six Pack and Two Pack aesthetics:

How is Six Pack and Two Pack Surgery Performed?

We use Vaser Hi-Def Technology in operation. Unlike standard liposuction procedures, this technology using ultrasound waves allows the body to be shaped like a sculptor. Six pack and two pack operations take approximately 2-3 hours and are performed under general anesthesia. It is considered appropriate for our patients to stay in the hospital for a day after the operation in terms of their comfort.

Before the operation, your doctor will examine you and make muscle drawings by reviewing your body lines. Then he listens to your questions and expectations once again.

Your routine blood tests are done and the anesthesiologist analyzes. After everything is checked, the patient is taken into surgery.

Are There Any Damages of Six Pack and Two Pack Surgery?

The purpose of this plastic surgery is to reveal your abdominal muscles. Every plastic surgery has risks but complication risk is low in Six Pack and Two Pack surgery. Edema and swelling are expected conditions after six-pack surgery. After the operation, you should use a corset for 3 to 4 weeks. It provides the body to take proper shape and reduce edema and swelling in a short time.

The point to be considered here is the need to continue regular nutrition and sports after surgery. If the patient continues to have an unbalanced diet after the operation, after a while due to weight gain, the abdominal muscles begin to disappear due to the fat taken.

Where Do You Perform Six Pack and Two Pack Surgeries?

Like all of our operations, we perform the six-pack and two-pack operation in Istanbul, Turkey. Your surgery is performed in a fully equipped and state-of-the-art private hospital.

You need to stay 5 days in Turkey for surgery. You spend the first night at the hotel and the second at the hospital. You stay in our hotel for general control purposes on other nights and your last checks take place on the 4th day.

The medications you need to use after the surgery and your flight report will be delivered to you.

Which Operations Can Be Combined with Six Pack and Two Pack Surgeries?

Gynecomastia for men is most often included in the six-pack package. In women, Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Aesthetics can be combined with this surgery. In some cases, patients with sagging in the abdominal area consult us. In this case, six-pack and tummy tuck can be performed together.

Six Pack and Two Pack Surgery Prices in Turkey

The price of Six Pack and Two Pack surgery may vary depending on the doctor who will perform the surgery and the company that is responsible for the organization. First of all, the experience of the doctor, how often he performs the six-pack and two-pack surgeries, the efficiency of the liposuction device used during the surgery, where the guest will stay, the location of the hotel where they will stay are the factors that affect the price.

Many messages are received from our clients at our call center. Who are the best six-pack doctor, who does the best two-pack surgery, how much does six-pack and two-pack surgery cost? You can find six-pack and two-pack Turkey prices on the link or call our consultants for information.

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