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Road to Perfection


Road to Perfection


How Does Hair Transplantation Process Work?

Hair analysis: A hair analysis looks at the places where hair loss occurs, as well as the amount of loss and the hair type. After a hair analysis, it is assessed whether your hair type is suitable for hair transplantation, affecting your choice.

A hair analysis is also done to see if the time is right for hair transplantation. In some cases, it may be that the time for hair transplantation is not yet right. In that case, you are advised to wait a little longer.

Some doctors perform the hair analysis free of charge so that individuals can be adequately informed.

Patients who had waited years for hair transplantation for no reason often look back with regret after the hair transplantation when they stayed. People who suffer a lot from hair loss can have hair transplantation immediately if there are no medical obstacles. Thus, the adverse effects of hair loss can be quickly reduced.

The Right Team and the Right Doctor For Hair Transplantation

The most crucial choice in hair transplantation is the choice of a doctor. It is a surgical procedure that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Ultimately, it is also your doctor who can inform you properly about the expectations for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a microsurgery operation that doctors in hospitals and medical centers should only perform to meet specific hygiene standards.

The team’s experience with hair transplantation is also essential. The hair transplantation team carries out the procedure under the direction of the doctor. The experience of the team and the knowledge will be precious to your hair.

Hair transplantation has become very popular in Turkey, in particular in recent years. The number of doctors is overgrowing, especially in large cities. Finding the right doctor among all these options has become very difficult, also with all the commercials being made. After you have done your research, you will need to talk to some hair transplantation doctors.

It is vital that you feel comfortable and calm with your doctor and feels free to ask any questions about hair transplantation.

Consultation With Your Hair Transplantation Doctor

Hair transplantation is very personal, and the hair type, the shape and amount of the hair loss, and the quality of the donor area affect the hair transplantation. That is why a consultation with hair transplantation is essential.

Photos that you send for the consultation can be used to form a general picture. In order to get a definite answer about your hair, a personal meeting must take place.

That is why we invite our patients to the office. With the help of a video conference, we can have a conversation with the hair transplantation doctor in Turkey and listen to the patient’s expectations.

Things to Pay Attention to for the Hair Transplantation

During the consultation, you will be informed about what to look out for before and during the day of the operation. Proper preparation is essential for hair transplantation to run smoothly and without any problems.
Do not forget that you should be comfortable asking all the questions that come to mind during the consultation.

The Hair Transplantation Operation

Preparing for Operation:

Your doctor and a team of at least three people under surgical conditions in a hospital or medical center will perform the hair transplantation.

Your consultant will pick you up at the specified time. A small diagnosis is made in the waiting room for the planning of the hair transplantation. The latest information is then provided, and some tests are performed. In light of this information, the operation is performed.

The Planning Phase of the Hair Transplantation:

The team will analyze the patient’s face shape, hair volume, hair loss, and facial anatomy. Your wishes are listened to, and the correct hairline is then determined. After that, the specialist establishes the front hairline and the border points of the transplantation. With a pen, certain marks are made on your head.

The wishes of the patient and his age and face type are fundamental in planning hair transplantation. Your doctor and team plan your wishes in conjunction with the best aesthetic form.

If necessary, the hair can be shaved at the hairdressing department before the treatment. (In some special situations, the hair transplantation can also take place without shaving the hair.)

When it is time for surgery, the patient is put on an apron and taken to the operating room.

Anesthesia of the Donor Area with Local Anesthesia:

The patient lies on his stomach, and the head is disinfected with alcohol. The donor area (in the neck between the two ears) is anesthetized with local anesthesia to have no pain during the transplantation. The patient may feel some discomfort during the local anesthesia, which is applied with very narrow needles.

Hair Follicle Transplantation:

The hair follicle nests are determined by the number of follicles obtained in this step. The hair transplantation takes place in the nests that are opened one by one according to the planned number and shape.

The hair follicles prepared by the nurses for the transplantation are placed in the opened nests by the doctor and his team with a “micro pen set.” After the hair transplantation, the area should be left open, and no pressure should be put on it.

After placing all the hair follicles one by one, the doctor will consult with you, and the hair transplantation will be stopped. After the operation, your doctor will inform you about the things to a lookout. These points are essential to the hair follicles that are in their new nests.

After the operation, the patient can return home and resume their daily life. However, it is recommended that someone comes with hospital discharge and does not drive.

Matters to be Considered After Hair Transplantation

Do not forget that these rules are essential to protect your hair follicles, grow in the desired direction, and shorten the recovery time.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

We perform hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey. A trip of 3-4 days is enough for hair transplantation. During this period, both the hair transplantation and the checks are performed.

Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey?

You can find the prices of hair transplantation in Turkey on our website. The prices are composed as a package. Hotel, transfers, medicines, vitamins, and check-ups are also included in Turkey’s hair transplantation prices.
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