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Road to Perfection


Road to Perfection
j plasma


What is J Plasma?

J plasma can be applied to many parts of the body and is a recent technological method that tightens the skin and makes the body look better.

J plasma’s content is intended to obtain plasma energy and apply it to the skin. With the specially developed technology, helium gas is combined with radiofrequency energy. After this combination, one gets plasma energy. The resulting plasma energy is brought into contact with the skin with special subcutaneous cannulas. The goal is to stretch the skin.

How is J Plasma Used?

J plasma technology is used in Turkey. The specialist is consulted to determine the body parts to which the technology will be applied to consultation. After this consultation, it will be decided in which areas J plasma will be used.

When liposuction is combined with a J plasma operation, excellent results are achieved. When the J plasma, in particular, is combined with vaser liposuction, it is no longer necessary to undergo correction treatments, and permanent results are seen.

J Plasma and Liposuction

As mentioned earlier, liposuction and J plasma are in perfect harmony with each other. We want to tell you more about applying this technology’s skin, which is also called the ideal match.

First of all, we remind you that vaser liposuction and J plasma are performed in an operating room under general anesthesia.

The first procedure starts with local anesthesia and fluid administration, which reduces the risk of bleeding in the areas where liposuction will be performed. Thanks to this fluid, the patient has less pain after surgery. This fluid also contracts the blood cells so that the operation proceeds without bleeding.

The second procedure: After administering liquid, the vaser liposuction technology applies high-frequency audio waves to the body. Thanks to these audio waves, the fat to be removed is converted into a liquid form.

The third procedure: The liquid fat is then removed. Using the vacuum method, the fat in those areas is sucked out.

The fourth procedure: At this stage, switch to the J plasma application. Other equipment is used for J plasma. Areas on liposuction have been applied with narrow cannulas and which, in particular, they can hang after liposuction and are brought into contact with the plasma. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour.

In Which Areas Can J Plasma be Applied?

The J plasma technology can be applied to all areas where the skin can become loose and hang. It’s essential to look at how much the skin has started to droop. J plasma is also the right solution for people with cellulite.

Areas to which J plasma can be applied:

Advantages of J Plasma

Below we list the advantages of J plasma. This way, our patients can already see which technology they are dealing with.

Recovery After J Plasma

After J plasma treatment, patients can resume their daily life within 5-7 days. If J plasma is used together with liposuction, recovery takes the same time.

After two weeks, you will feel tighter skin. During this period, slight swelling and bruising may develop, which is normal. The skin may dry out slightly. Itching is rare. In the first two days, you can suffer from minor pain.

Prices of a J Plasma Treatment in Turkey

A period of 4 days is sufficient for J plasma treatment in Turkey. Your checks also take place during this period. J plasma treatment can be performed in combination with other operations. Liposuctions are the most common. According to the patient’s wishes, hotel and airline tickets can be included in the J Plasma price. A J plasma package includes accommodation, airport transfer, a corset, medicines, checks, and breakfast.

You can find the price for J plasma on our website. For detailed information, please contact the medical assistant and fill out and email the e-consultation form.

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