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Arm Lift Surgery

An integral part of the body’s aesthetics, an arm lift is one of the surgeries that patients may need for many reasons. The main complaint that patients experience is limp arms. The prolapsed arms that negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of women cause a loss of self-confidence.

Not being able to wear short-sleeved clothes due to hanging arms, choosing long-sleeved garments to hide the arms in summer, and not being at peace with yourself because of the aesthetic appearance are the main factors for an arm lift.

We organize your arm lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Our operations are performed in a fully equipped private hospital by a specialized plastic surgeon. As Health & Beauty Travel, we carry out the entire process together.

Causes of Sagging Skin on the Arms

There are several causes for the skin to droop on the arms. We can list the reasons for the need for an arm lift as follows.

How is the Arm Lift Operation Performed?

The arm lift operation first begins with the evaluation. It is checked whether the armpit’s prolapse is up to the elbow or limited to the armpit.

Typically, the arm lift incision can extend from the armpit to the elbow. Given the skin thickness, vaser liposuction can be used, and an arm lift can be combined with liposuction.

Lifting the arms takes an average of 2 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. During an arm lift operation, the patient will spend one night in the hospital. After the procedure, an elastic bandage is used around the arms. It would help if you moved your arms as little as possible.

Which Operations Can Be Performed in Combination With an Arm Lift?

The most requested operations combined with the arm lift are tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast augmentation. After rapid weight loss, there may be excess skin in the chest and abdomen. The thigh lift operation can also be added to an arm lift.

Recovery After an Arm Lift Operation

You may take a shower after about two or three days after an arm lift. Heavy lifting is not allowed. Sports activities related to the arm may resume approximately two months later. Try to take it easy to prevent the scar from expanding.

What Is The Price For an Arm Lift in Turkey?

Our arm lift operations are performed in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer arm lift surgery in Istanbul as a package to our patients. When determining an arm lift price, we include the service prices below, included in the box.

The price of the arm lift in Turkey is much lower than in other European countries. Another reason why we perform our cosmetic operations in Turkey is that there are more experienced doctors. Moreover, due to the advantageous exchange rate (in favor of Euro countries), arm lift prices are meager compared to your own country.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About an Arm Lift Surgery

Are There Additional Costs?

No, all supplies are included in the package. No additional costs are charged for the operation. Fees for dinner and your personal needs are not included in the price

Can I Bring Someone With Me for Support?

Of course. No additional hotel payment is required for this.

How Can I Pay the Amount Due?

You can transfer the amount for the arm lift to us two weeks in advance or pay in cash on the operation day.

Do We Have to Buy a SIM Card for the Internet?

You get free wifi in your hotel and hospital.

Are There Exchange Offices to Exchange for the Turkish Lira?

There are several exchange offices near your hotel and hospital where you can exchange your Euros for Turkish Liras.
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