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Elipse Gastric Balloon (Swallowable Slimming Balloon)

The ellipse swallowable gastric balloon is an innovative weight loss technique. The swallowable ellipse slimming balloon, which has many benefits, is a quick procedure that makes it easy to adapt to diet programs and allows you to return to your normal activities quickly.

How Does the Elipse Gastric Balloon Work?

With the balloon inflated in the stomach, the Elipse gastric balloon is intended to induce a feeling of fullness and suppress appetite.

Who is Suitable for Elipse Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

The Elipse gastric balloon can be used on individuals with a body mass index greater than 27.

For whom is the Elipse Gastric Balloon Not Suitable?

What are the Advantages of Elipse Slimming Balloon?

Elipse gastric balloon has numerous benefits.

Does Elipse Lose Weight with Gastric Balloon?

The answer to questions such as how many kilograms can be lost with the Elipse gastric balloon and whether I will lose weight with the swallowed gastric balloon is actually in the hands of the patient. This may vary from patient to patient. Generally, it is recommended to lose 15 to 20 percent of your body weight. However, this can be planned with the individual’s body mass index. Those with a high weight-to-height ratio will lose more weight than those with a lower ratio.

In addition to the above-mentioned costs, our objective is to assist the patient in achieving a healthy weight loss. It may not be sufficient for her to reach her normal weight with only the ellipse balloon. This process should be concluded with nutrition and diet plans tailored to the patient’s needs.

Will I Have Difficulty Swallowing Elipse Gastric Balloon?

A small number of patients have trouble swallowing an ellipse balloon. The ellipse balloon is typically swallowed in 1-2 attempts. However, patients who have difficulty swallowing or who have difficulty swallowing normal medication should inform our assistants at the time of their appointment.

Is There Any Problem After Elipse Gastric Balloon?

As with all balloon applications, stomach pain and short-term cramping may occur in the initial three days. Nausea and vomiting are possible. These are the likely scenarios. It is not present in all patients. You can avoid these issues by following your doctor’s instructions.

The application of an Elipse balloon is more comfortable than that of other gastric balloons. The aforementioned symptoms occur less frequently.

What is the Preparation Phase for the Elipse Balloon?

The application of a swallowable ellipse balloon requires several preparatory steps.

How Does the Elipse Balloon Work?

After the necessary preparations are made before the application of the Elipse gastric balloon, the procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. Before administering the Elipse gastric balloon, your physician will review the procedure with you. With the aid of water, the patient swallows the Elipse balloon capsule, which has a thin cable swallowed to its end. To determine if the swallowed balloon is in the correct position in the stomach, an X-ray of the stomach is performed. After examining the X-ray result and determining that it is at the appropriate level, the capsule is inflated with its special liquid. Using a stomach x-ray, the final control of the balloon, which is filled with 550 cc of liquid, is rechecked. After the doctor has approved the location, the capsule’s cable is disconnected. After the procedure, a special scale is given to the patient. With this scale, which is controlled by an application on a mobile device, you can monitor your weight. The patient is given a prescription by the doctor following the procedure.

Following the application of the Elipse balloon, the patient is given a three-day diet plan.

How Will Elipse Gastric Balloon Come Out?

After approximately four months, the Elipse gastric balloon will dissolve and be expelled from the body with feces. The majority of patients may not feel it. Some patients can observe their expulsion. There is no discomfort or difficulty during defecation.

Has Weight Gained Again?

This situation is entirely in the patient’s control. The Elipse balloon application is an application that prevents hunger and delays its onset. As with all weight loss surgeries, you run the risk of regaining weight if you continue to eat irregularly.

Elipse Balloon and Slimming Needle Saxenda Combination

Today, ellipse balloons can be combined with certain treatments. Your physician may recommend Saxena, a slimming needle with an elliptical balloon, particularly after the procedure. Saxenda, which is particularly recommended for obese patients, produces effective results. It is comparable to the insulin injection Saxenda, also known as a slimming needle. After the Elipse balloon, your doctor can issue a prescription by providing you with detailed information about the subject. Aside from this, you can obtain additional details about the Saxenda slimming needle via our WhatsApp line or by calling us directly.

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