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Laminated Tooth Veneer (Leaf Porcelain Teeth)

Road to Perfection

Laminated Tooth Veneer (Leaf Porcelain Teeth)

Road to Perfection

Laminated veneers are essential for achieving a Hollywood smile and perfect, pearly teeth in dental aesthetics. These veneers are indispensable for those seeking a flawless smile.

Laminated veneers offered at top dental clinics in Istanbul, Turkey can significantly enhance the aesthetics of natural teeth, thanks to their unique composition.

Porcelain is used in dentistry to create laminates through specialized processes. These laminates are known for their bright, smooth, and shiny properties, which are inherent to the structure of porcelain.

Laminated Porcelain Teeth Planned in Istanbul, Turkey

A specialist’s dental examination and consultation are necessary prior to laminated dental veneer placement. Initial consideration should be given to oral and dental health for optimal results. Laminated teeth cannot be affixed to teeth afflicted with gum problems, decay, or possible decay. We highly advise patients, especially those from other European countries, the United States and the United Kingdom, to undergo a comprehensive dental consultation prior to traveling to Turkey. Otherwise, if the procedures exceed the allotted time, the laminate plan will be delayed, potentially resulting in both time and monetary losses.

Patients seeking laminated dental veneers must provide a detailed overview of their dental health. Our medical assistants may also request dental photographs and videos, if necessary. To ensure a seamless laminate plan and eliminate any risks, we require patients to undergo a panoramic x-ray. This procedure allows us to assess their teeth and gum condition. With a clear understanding of the patient’s oral health, we can proceed with the laminated veneers with confidence.

Your Laminate Specialist Doctor will provide you with all necessary information, including the number of teeth suitable for laminated veneers, potential gum issues, length of stay in Istanbul for the procedure, hotel accommodations, preparation plan, and pricing details. Rest assured that this information will be clearly and objectively communicated to you through a contractual agreement.

What is the Difference Between Laminated and Zirconium?

Laminated and zirconium are the two most commonly used veneers in our smile design and Hollywood smile plan. Your dentist will help you decide which veneer is suitable for your teeth through joint evaluation of the condition of your teeth, gum health, and jaw structure.

Zirconium is the strongest and most durable type of veneers available. Laminated porcelain veneers are popular due to their natural appearance and shine. For zirconium veneers, teeth are cut for precise fitting, while only the upper part of the tooth needs to be shaved for laminated veneers. A laminate is a thin veneer that is only applied to the upper portion of the tooth. This is why it is called a leaf tooth. Zirconium veneers are a coating that covers the whole tooth, while laminated veneers are less expensive than zirconium ones. Both zirconium and laminate can be applied to all teeth, but sometimes laminate can only be applied to the front 16 teeth. Both types of veneers have light transmitting properties and offer a natural look.


The image above illustrates the process of creating dental implants and crowns. The first picture displays an implant, which is used to treat missing teeth by being placed in the tooth root. The second picture displays a zirconium crown, which is a veneer covering the entire cut tooth. The third picture displays a laminated veneer, which is applied only to the upper portion of the tooth. The third picture displays a laminated veneer, which is applied only to the upper portion of the tooth. Laminated and zirconia veneers are bonded to the tooth using a unique adhesive.

Laminated Veneer Process in Turkey Day by Day

Laminated porcelain veneers are created at a private dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey by specialized dentists, all within a 6-day timeframe.

  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 1

Our health assistants will obtain your flight information and arrange for a comfortable Airport Vip Transfer. You will receive details about your guide who will greet you upon arrival at the airport. Private transportation will take you directly to your hotel. You can choose to unwind at the hotel or explore the city on your first day in Istanbul. On the following day, we will inform you of the pickup time for transportation to the dental clinic.

  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 2

On Day 2, you will meet with your dentist for laminated veneers. During this appointment, you will receive a comprehensive dental examination that will include taking x-rays of your teeth, checking the condition of your gums, and examining the structure of your jaw. Once all of the necessary evaluations have been conducted, the number of laminated teeth to be produced will be determined. Furthermore, your tooth color will also be decided.

After all the necessary details have been determined, the next step is to clean the teeth. Once the cleaning is finished, a small amount of the tooth’s enamel layer is abraded to promote optimal adherence of the laminates to the tooth’s surface. Local anesthesia is applied during this abrasion process, so the patient experiences no pain or soreness. It is normal to experience mild aches and pains in the teeth a few hours after the procedure. Your dentist will provide suitable pain medication for these symptoms.

After tooth abrasion, a 3D image of the teeth is transferred to advanced computers for determining tooth measurements. The Dentist re-evaluates tooth color and brightness, resolving any concerns or requests you may have.

After taking measurements, your porcelain veneers are sent to the preparation laboratory. The lab is a crucial stage in the process, where high-quality workmanship is essential. The dental technicians responsible for preparing the veneers must be experienced and specialized in their field to ensure that the final product meets Class A quality standards.

After tooth abrasion, you will be fitted with temporary teeth. Thanks to temporary teeth, you will not have any problems with aesthetic appearance. You can use temporary teeth until your teeth are ready.



  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 3

On the third day of the laminated porcelain coating process, you have the option to rest or explore Istanbul’s rich history and visit various tourist attractions. Our assistants are available to offer suggestions and help plan your day.

Remember to take the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers as directed by your doctor.

  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 4

On the fourth day of the laminated veneer process, all details are determined. Patient feedback is vital to ensure complete satisfaction. The porcelain laminated teeth are tested thoroughly for proper height adjustment, brightness, and harmony with the gums. The laminated veneers should be aesthetically pleasing as well as completely functional. If gum problems arise during biting or laughing, they undergo evaluation and are sent to the laboratory. The brightness and whiteness of the teeth are examined, and if their harmony is not affected, the bonding process begins.

Laminated veneers are affixed to teeth using a specialized adhesive. It is important to guarantee the usage of a high-quality adhesive, and to avoid any subpar or troublesome dental adhesives.

  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 5

On the fifth day of the laminated veneer process, the final controls are conducted. The laminate must be flawless in terms of smile aesthetics.

After the procedure, you will receive instructions for maintaining the health of your teeth.

  • Laminated Veneer in Istanbul, Turkey Day 6

After your procedure to apply laminated porcelain veneers is complete, it is time to head home. A private car will be scheduled to pick you up from your hotel at the designated time found on your flight ticket and take you to the airport.

Things to Consider After Laminated Porcelain Veneers

To ensure the teeth maintain longevity and health post laminated porcelain veneer procedure, patients should abide by certain rules and regularly exercise caution. Along with regular dental care, it is imperative to shield teeth from strong impacts and hard objects.

Is There a Guarantee for Laminated Veneer?

The warranty for laminated porcelain dental veneers is seven years. The warranty period may vary by dental clinic based on their experience with dental veneers and their level of trust in the laminated veneers produced by dental laboratories.

Unfortunately, some dental clinics manufacture laminated porcelain veneers using low-quality materials at lower prices. However, these clinics may not provide a guarantee or may offer a short warranty period due to their awareness of the teeth’s quality rate.

For optimal results, it is recommended that you receive laminated porcelain teeth from specialized dentists and clinics utilizing top-quality materials.

No matter how long the warranty period may be for your dental laminates, problems may arise if you fail to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. Such issues are not the result of any shortcomings on the part of the dental clinic or inferior material quality, rather it is the patient’s responsibility to comply with the aforementioned rules.

Laminated Porcelain Veneer Prices in Istanbul, Turkey

The cost of laminated teeth at Private Dental Clinic in Istanbul may vary based on the number of teeth to be coated. Typically, the average cost for covering all teeth with zirconium is between 5000 to 7000 euros.

Laminate prices vary among dental clinics in Turkey due to factors such as the dentist’s experience, quality of dental veneers, clinic technology, and location.

When choosing a dental clinic in Turkey for laminated porcelain veneers, it is important to consider the following factors:

Laminated Porcelain Veneer Package Price Includes

We have set the cost of the laminated veneer as a bundled price.

Questions and Answers about Laminated Porcelain Veneers

We have compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding laminated dental veneers.

What is Laminated Tooth?

This type of porcelain is utilized for smile aesthetics. Laminated veneers serve as an aesthetic coating during Hollywood smile procedures.

Are Laminated Veneers Durable?

Laminated porcelain veneers are composed of durable material, but it is important to avoid using your teeth to break hard objects or foods with crust. Proper dental care is essential for maintaining their durability.

How much does laminated veneer cost in Turkey?

The cost of laminated veneers in Turkey ranges from 5000 to 7000 euros, which may differ based on the number of teeth being laminated.

Is there a warranty for laminated veneer in Turkey?

Each dental clinic may have varying procedures. Our laminated veneers come with a 7-year warranty.

Why is dental cosmetic treatment affordable in Turkey?

Dental aesthetics in Turkey is priced lower compared to European countries, America, and England, primarily due to the difference in exchange rates between the dollar, euro, and pound. Additionally, clinics receive incentive support from the State within the healthcare scope. Moreover, labor fees are lower than those in other countries.

How many teeth can be treated with dental laminates?

Laminated veneers can be applied to either 16 or 32 teeth, depending on the patient’s dental structure and specific complaints.

Will laminated veneers discolor over time?

Laminate is a type of dental porcelain with a smooth structure that resists stains and dirt. However, neglecting dental hygiene and not following recommended practices may result in yellowing of the teeth.

Can Laminated Veneers be applied to Split Teeth?

Laminated veneers are used for split teeth.

Who Cannot Have Laminated Porcelain Veneers?

Laminated porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who do not have oral health and gum problems. These problems need to be solved first. Laminated veneers are not suitable for people who grind their teeth or have problems with teeth clenching during sleep. Laminated veneers are not applied to those who have a habit of nail biting. It is not performed on patients who do not have enough enamel in the tooth structure. It is not performed on patients with severe gum recession.

How many days should I stay in Turkey for laminated veneers?

For porcelain veneers, a stay in Turkey for 5-6 days is sufficient.

Are teeth trimmed in laminated veneers?

In porcelain veneers, the teeth are not cut. Instead, only the upper part of the teeth is abraded to guarantee the best possible adherence of the laminates to the teeth.

How long do my laminated teeth last?

As long as you properly maintain your veneers, they can last for many years.

Is there an age restriction for the placement of porcelain laminate veneers?

Laminated porcelain veneers are typically suggested for individuals aged 16 and above.

Which dental clinic in Turkey is the most reputable and reliable for my needs?

There are numerous thriving dental clinics in Turkey. To find the best one, it is important to consider the expertise of the dentist, the quality of materials and dental laboratory, the warranty conditions, and the location of the clinic.