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Road to Perfection


Road to Perfection
360 graden liposuctie


360 Degrees Liposuction

Today, almost everyone suffers from fat accumulation in some areas of ​​the body. Imbalanced nutrition, weight gained after pregnancy after which weight loss failed, a life without exercise, fat that is not burned regardless of exercise and diet are a problem for all of us.

We have heard from guests that they want to get rid of the fat in one area but several places during our conversations. That is why we decided to set up 360 degrees liposuction operations.

What is 360 Degrees Liposuction?

With 360 degrees liposuction, the body is formed from top to bottom. The patient’s body shape and aesthetic problems are identified, and surgery is planned.

360-degrees liposuction can start in the double chin. If there are no problems in the double chin area, it can be transferred to the back, arms, abdomen, hip, and inner legs. Before the operation, the doctor listens to what the patient wants. After the physical examination, the doctor tells the patient in which areas liposuction will be applied.

How Much Can Fat Be Removed With 360 Degrees Liposuction?

How much fat can be removed depends on the physical and health of the patient. Height and weight, body fat, age, smoking, and alcohol consumption all affect this proportion. If all is well, 5-10 liters of fat can be removed from the body.

Another topic our guests are curious about is whether the fat will return. With 360 degrees liposuction, the patient must adhere to specific rules. The most important is exercise and diet. If you do not follow the directions given by your doctor, you may regain weight even if it is difficult.

After the 360 ​​degrees liposuction, it is sufficient that you spend one night in the hospital. You must travel to Turkey for five days. After the operation, you should use a corset for one month.

360 Degrees Liposuction Prices in Turkey

Just like our other operations, we perform 360 ​​degrees liposuctions in Turkey. The main reason for this is that the plastic surgeons are experts, hotels are comfortable, hospitals are fully equipped, and the medical sector is very well developed. Another reason that the price of 360 degrees liposuctions is low compared to other European countries is the colossal exchange rate difference with the Euro.

We have put together an all-inclusive 360 ​​degrees liposuction package that includes a hotel, hospital, airport transfers, breakfast, a medical consultant who will accompany you, medicines, corset, and check-ups.

You can find all our prices for aesthetic procedures on our website under the heading “Price List.”

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