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Hair Transplantation For Hiv Positive Patients

Road to Perfection

Hair Transplantation For Hiv Positive Patients

Road to Perfection

Hair Transplantation For Hiv Positive Patients

The fact that 99% of the people who get hair transplants from us are happy makes both them and us happy. With the new methods and tools we use, our center is considered to be one of the best hair transplantation centers in the world. This is where our HIV-positive patients’ hair transplants have begun.

Many hair transplantation centers can not do hair transplants on HIV-positive people because they do not have the right tools, the right staff, and, most importantly, the right sterile environment.

In cooperation with Health And Beauty Travel & Hair Center Of Turkey, HIV patients who want hair transplants have them done by professionals in a sterile environment.

How is the Hair Transplantation Process in Hiv Positive Patients?

Patients with HIV who want to get a hair transplant can either come to our Hair Analysis Center in the Netherlands or talk to us online. During this process, all of the patient’s health information is taken and the treatment process is evaluated so that the HIV virus can be controlled.

With the help of the Special Hair Analyzer, the hair follicles are sent to the Digital Screen, where the number of roots and hair health are shown to the patient. After the hair is looked at, pictures are taken of the patient from the front, back, side, and neck.

After all of these things are done, the patient’s hopes are taken into account. It is decided where hair transplantation should be done and where the most grafts should be transplanted.

In hair transplantation, it becomes clear which method to use. As everyone knows, FUE, DHI, and SAPHIRE FUE are the best techniques. You should choose the one that works best for you.

The date of the appointment is set, and the rules to follow before hair transplantation are written down and given to the patient.

What Awaits Our Patients at Our Hair Transplantation Center in Turkey

With the help of the Hair Center Of Turkey, we set up hair transplants for our patients who have HIV. Istanbul is home to the Hair Transplantation Center.

Before you get a hair transplant, your blood is checked to make sure it is healthy. Your analysis of your hair is repeated. Your hair is cut short after the hair analysis is done. Your pictures are taken once more.

Your hair drawings are done after all of these steps. The areas where the grafts (hair follicles) will go are called the 1st Region, the 2nd Region, and the 3rd Region, in order of importance, and the drawings are finished.

A trip of 3 nights and 4 days is planned for hair transplantation. The first day you are in Istanbul, you will stay at your hotel. Your hair transplant will be done on the second day. On the third day, you will rest. Your hair will be washed on the fourth day, and you will be able to go back to your country.

After hair transplantation, we give our patients the shampoo and neck pillow they will need to wash their hair.

Hiv Positive Patient Hair Transplant Price

Everything we use for our HIV patients is one-time use. After they are used, all of the materials are thrown away with the medical waste. Specialists in hair transplants do a study that is more thorough, careful, and thorough. During the hair transplant process, both the safety of the hair transplant specialists and the safety of the patient should be made sure of. Care should be taken to make sure that the room where the hair transplant is done is clean and free of any chance of infection.

Because of all of the things I talked about above, HIV positive hair transplants cost more than other hair transplants. With the Fue method, a hair transplant for someone with HIV will cost 5,000 Euros in 2023. Changes in the way hair transplants are done or whether or not sedation is used can make the price go up or down.

We Recommend Hair Transplantation with Sedation to Hiv Positive Patients

HIV-positive people will feel more comfortable if they are sedated during a hair transplant. Before starting the hair transplant, the patient is put to sleep using the sedation method. The Anesthesiologist is the one who does it. After getting anesthetic, the patient falls into a light sleep so that the hair transplant can begin (sedation). For hair transplantation, the needles that are injected into the hair follicles do not hurt him at all. When our patients wake up after about 30 minutes of sleep, they do not feel any pain from the painful numbing process of hair transplantation. Since the scalp is now numbed, it will not feel any pain when the hair is transplanted.