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What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is when the breasts are large, just like in men and women. Although the chest is a female organ and dysfunctional in men, it is only available as an image. Looking big can disturb men socially, and they want to get rid of these big breasts. This process of getting rid of big breasts is called gynecomastia surgery.

Who Has Gynecomastia?

Due to aesthetic surgery employees, some researchers also collected information on demand in Turkey from working in this field. Most nose aesthetics, hair transplantation, breast augmentation, and fat removal operations are performed in our country.

Undoubtedly, there are more desires for these issues. Information requests related to gynecomastia, which means a sizeable male breast, coincide with the applications of the procedures as mentioned above. It is strange to encounter this in this period where men attach more importance to their visuality in their social lives.

If We Look at the Rates of Gynecomastia in Society

In the newborn period, it depends on the passage of high estrogen through the placenta during pregnancy, which is seen in up to 50% of male babies.

In old age: at a certain age, the androgen ratio in the body decreases as the fat ratio increases. Since it is known that the place in the body that provides estrogen is fat tissue, estrogen is produced from androgen-produced precursors. For this reason, with advancing age, the fat layer formed in the chest becomes more prominent. Gynecomastia problem can sometimes occur even at the age of 15.

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Why Does Gynecomastia Occur?

At the time of adolescence; It is natural for men to feel fullness and sensitive breasts due to hormonal reasons. Because the body is in a hormone mess, if this temporary state becomes permanent for various reasons, it is called gynecomastia.

Men who gain weight at this age are more likely to develop gynecomastia. Young people with gynecomastia try to hide this by wearing loose clothes and walking hunched over. Especially in the summer months, they do not even swim to hide this.

How is Gynecomastia Recognized?

A detailed history, imaging methods (such as ultrasound, MRI), and hormone analysis may be required for a differential diagnosis of the conditions mentioned. Gynecomastia, which can be noticed at the time of adolescence, can be detected and known for other reasons, may occur at later ages and unilateral rates are higher.

Tighten your arm at chest level and try to stretch your chest muscle. While doing this, your left arm touches your chest. If you have fatty tissue loose and sagging, you will likely have gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey, How It Works and What Price?

We Gynecomastia surgery to organize in Turkey. This operation, which requires three days of travel, takes an average of 1 hour. It is performed under general anesthesia.

Gynecomastia surgery can be performed in 4 stages according to the needs of the patient.

1 – Gynecomastia Treatment with Liposuction

It is the most common gynecomastia surgery. In surgery, liposuction and the fat in the chest are removed by vacuum method.

2 – Surgical Operation and Gynecomastia Treatment

This process is done frequently. Apart from the fat in the patient’s breast, it may be necessary to remove the breast’s milk glands. In this case, the glandular tissue inside is removed with an incision made around the nipple. In this surgery, it is applied in surgical procedures with liposuction.

3 – Gynecomastia Treatment with J Plasma

It is the situation that is understood more in physical examination. Suppose there is a possibility of sagging in the breast area after liposuction from the patient. In that case, the j plasma procedure is applied after liposuction to make the breast part tighter and tighter. Today, the j plasma application, which is called the latest technology, produces excellent results, especially in liposuction and gynecomastia operations.

4 – Gynecomastia Treatment with Breast Reduction

It is mostly applied to patients with sagging breasts. The advanced stage is what we call gynecomastia. After removing excess fat with liposuction, excess skin in the breast is surgically removed.

When organizing prices of gynecomastia surgery in Turkey, the above steps are taken into consideration. You can find gynecomastia prices from the “Price List” menu on our website.

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