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Liposuction (Removing Fat From the Body)

Liposuction, the removal of fat, is one of the most sought-after operations. It is equally effective in men and women. The most commonly performed surgical procedure in Turkey is liposuction. Breast augmentation comes second and rhinoplasty third. The most common surgical procedure worldwide is eyelid correction.

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How Much Weight Can I Lose with Liposuction?

“How many pounds will I lose with liposuction?” Or “How much weight can I lose?” Are the most frequently asked questions to us. Due to the created perception, liposuction is believed to be a slimming method.

It’s not the case.

Liposuction, otherwise called fat removal, is a surgical procedure performed to remove local fat deposits and better balance your body’s contours.

Therefore, liposuction aims not to lose weight but to correct the shape of the body.

How Much Fat is Removed From My Body During Liposuction Surgery?

To answer questions such as how much weight can I lose? or how much fat is removed? First of all, your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be determined following your height and weight. The result is assessed, then other factors are considered.

The most crucial factor is the surgeon’s advice. The number of liters of fat that is removed can be determined after answering a few questions. The maximum fat that can be drawn is 7 percent of the weight. But this may not be suitable for every patient.

The health of the patient is essential and monitored.

The use of medicines, previous operations, and chronic illnesses such as; heart problems, diabetes, and thyroid problems are important diagnoses that need to be investigated.

The surgeons decide following these criteria. Age is also an essential factor. It should be noted that every operation has its risks. The priority during operations is to keep the risks to a minimum.

After all checkups, the doctor examines whether it is possible to remove 7 percent fat from the weight. This is entirely at the discretion of the physician.

Does the Removed Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

The goal of liposuction surgery is to remove body fat and reduce the number of fat cells. After reaching adulthood, the body completes the formation of fat cells. New fat cells no longer form.

With increasing weight, the fats are stored in the fat cells.

If the fat cells are removed here, fat can build up in the fat cells left in this area. The fewer fat cells there are, the less fat is created again. As long as the patient pays attention to his diet after surgery, the chance of fat reforming will be meager.

How is Liposuction Operation Performed?

Regardless of which technique is performed, the purpose of liposuction surgeries is to remove fat from the body. The technique/method is entirely the choice of the physician. Much liposuction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The patient completes some preparations that require attention before surgery. You can find these preparations in the Surgical Processes section.

The patient is admitted to the hospital 1 to 2 hours before the operation, where a blood test occurs. The anesthetist completes the examination. After all, assessments are completed, the patient will undergo surgery.

The duration of the surgery can vary depending on the number of body parts where fat is removed. The amount of fat in the patient also determines the period of the operation. It can take an average of 2 to 4 hours. This length of time includes taking the patient from the room to the operating room and waking the patient after surgery.

A patient’s operating time removing 2 liters of fat is not the same as a patient removing 7 liters of fat.

The operating time with five body parts liposuction will not be the same as a patient with one body part liposuction.

Liposuction uses thin cannulas (tubes) to suck the fat away.

These tubes are placed through tiny cuts in the skin. The small scars that develop will be barely visible with time. The question, will there be scars after liposuction? It can be answered as NO.

The tubes placed under the skin suck up the fat just like a vacuum cleaner. Whether it is done with a vacuum device or with the surgeon’s physical force, its sole purpose is to suck the fat out of the body.

After the operation, the patient is awakened and then taken to his / her room. The necessary follow-up treatment starts, and the patient stays in it for a day.

What Happens After the Liposuction Surgery?

After liposuction, patients experience pain comparable to the problem that occurs after heavy sports. This pain can vary from person to person. This process is made comfortable with painkillers.

During liposuction, as much fluid is given as the amount of fat removed from the body. These fluids can continue to come out of the holes in the body, especially the first night. This is entirely normal. Don’t be alarmed if the juices coming out are bloody.

A day after surgery, the doctor will visit you and provide detailed information about your latest condition. After the checkups, your discharge from the hospital is complete.

Your final checkups will be done two or three days after surgery. Medicines given during this time should be taken on time, and due care should be taken for a speedy recovery.

After the last check, patients are allowed to return to their country. After a few days, patients should start walking. Light exercise should be exercised. The most crucial thing after liposuction is the massage. Thanks to the massage, the moisture in the body are removed faster. It also has an essential role in the formation of the body.

It takes an average of 5 to 6 months to see the result of Turkey’s liposuction. Sports, massages and healthy nutrition assures you to achieve the desired body shape.

For the liposuction operation, it is sufficient to stay in Turkey for 5 to 6 days. You can go on with your daily life two days after the procedure. Many patients already make a trip to Istanbul on the 3rd day.

On Which Body Parts Can Liposuction be Applied?

Liposuction surgery is used for many parts of the body. Here are some mentioned;

Liposuction Prices in Turkey

Liposuction prices are different and depending on the body parts where fat will be removed. Some patients want liposuction on one body part as well as all over the body.

The prices for liposuction are lower in Turkey. You can inquire about liposuction prices from experienced doctors and quality hospitals with us by telephone or WhatsApp.

The full liposuction package includes hotel, breakfast, transfer, corset, counseling, and medication.

The liposuction prices can also be found in the Liposuction “Price List” section on our page.

Information About Liposuction

In this article, you will be able to find all the information about liposuction. Our aim will be to convey the details of the liposuction surgery, to ensure that you know the preparations you will make before and after, what are the risks, what are the benefits, what are the factors that change the prices of liposuction, and what areas are liposuction performed and what awaits you in this surgery.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the process of removing fat from determined parts of the body. In short, it is fat removal surgery.

Fat removal surgery and weight loss surgery should not be confused with each other. The purpose of liposuction is to provide body shape by removing the fats in certain areas that spoil the aesthetic appearance.

The number of areas to be degreased may be more than one. Generally, fat from the jowl, arm, abdomen, waist, hip, leg, pubis above the genital area, knees, and ankles can be easily removed.

Are You Suitable For Liposuction?

Liposuction cannot be applied to every person. It must meet certain criteria for liposuction. The most important criterion is the height-weight ratio. In other words, the body mass index needs to be calculated. The body mass index of the person who will undergo liposuction surgery should be below 32. For example, a person with a height of 170 cm should weigh less than 90 kg.

Apart from this, it is decided that people with heart, diabetes, anemia, and other chronic diseases will be suitable for liposuction after the necessary controls are made.

Liposuction surgery can be performed on people aged 18 and over.

High Definition Hi-Def Liposuction Vaser Liposuction - Classic Liposuction

For classical liposuction, a liquid that inflates fat cells is given to the body. Swollen fat cells are vacuumed with the classical liposuction device.

For Vaser Liposuction, fluid is given to the body to distribute sound waves. Then, a sound wave is transmitted to the areas where fat will be removed with the Vaser liposuction device. Thanks to this sound wave, the oils in that area turn into liquid. The oils that turn into liquid are absorbed and absorbed. It is a comfortable procedure with a lower risk of bleeding.

Vaser hi-def makes a difference, especially in body contouring. Sixpack surgery is one of them. Besides, Vaser liposuction is of great importance in fat transfer processes. As is known, the transfer of fat taken in liposuction to other parts of the body is common. Bbl, fat transfer to the breast and fat transfer to the legs are applied in the bow leg repair. Vaser liposuction facilitates the intake of beneficial oils.

Where Is Fat Obtained With Liposuction?

Liposuction can be applied to many parts of the body with the fat removal operation.

Belly, waist, back, arm, jowl, hip, inner leg, whole leg, knee, ankles, upper vagina. These areas are the areas where liposuction is performed most frequently.

Combined Surgeries with Liposuction

Fat removal liposuction is actually combined with many surgeries. The tummy tuck, arm lift, leg lift, breast reduction, and breast augmentation, bbl. Liposuction is required for every procedure that requires fat transfer. It is possible to remove fat from the body only with liposuction.

Liposuction Preparation Stage

The patient needs to prepare himself physically and psychologically for liposuction fat removal surgeries. Before liposuction, every woman and man watch photos and videos before liposuction on social media and many search engines. It is thought that there has been a sudden change. But the situation is not that easy.

You will have pain especially in the first two days after the operation. You will live with your drains for the first 3-4 days. It is normal for waste blood to come from your body. There may be difficulty in walking after the operation. This is part of the process. All is normal.

The patient has responsibilities as well as the doctor who will do the liposuction. Especially nutrition and sports have to be an integral part of your life. After the surgery, walks and massages should be done to remove the edema. Foods that will make your body lubricate should not be consumed excessively.

What Are the Liposuction Risks and Liposuction Harms?

Appropriate patient criteria are important for liposuction. If the patient does not have heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, the risk of anesthesia is low. Liposuction reduces the risks to patients under 60 years of age and to people whose body mass index is suitable.

Most of the deaths after liposuction, which we read in the news and social media, may occur in cases that do not meet the criteria of appropriate liposuction patients, are overweight, have chronic diseases, have not been evaluated by the doctor in medical terms, and the necessary precautions are not taken. Sometimes, even if all precautions are taken, the patient’s health condition is suitable for this surgery, but unfortunately, bad results are encountered. It would not be correct to generalize this as liposuction surgery. These sad situations can be experienced after tooth extraction, even after eye surgeries, which are called very easy.

Let us state the complications that may occur after liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Price

Liposuction prices can vary. We can list the conditions that cause liposuction price changes as follows.

According to these criteria, liposuction prices may change.

In case you have an operation abroad, the services offered by the company providing the organization may differ. That’s why you should start off with a reliable company. Especially in Istanbul, you should prefer experienced companies that have their own team.

Important factors such as the fact that the hospital where you will be liposuction is A-class, the operating room team, anesthesia team, and nursing nurses are experienced, your doctor is experienced in this field, and the hygiene of the hotel you will stay in is at the highest level, changing the liposuction price.

Liposuction Process

What should you pay attention to before and after the liposuction surgery? You will find answers to your questions, such as what to look for for an aesthetic cure, how many hours to stay sober, how long to be in Turkey, how long to stay in the hospital, and expectations after the operation.
  • • You must fast 8-10 hours before the operation. So you are not allowed to eat or drink anything.
  • • Wearing comfortable clothing is preferable for surgery.
  • • Showering the morning of surgery will help you relax.
  • • No make-up before surgery
  • • You must remove your metal objects such as piercings, jewelry, and hairpins before the operation.
  • • If you are taking blood thinners, you must stop at least ten days before the operation. It would help if you did not take vitamin E.
  • • Please inform us of the daily medications you are taking.
  • • Herbal and supportive products such as herbal tea and green tea should NOT be consumed for at least ten days before and ten days after surgery. Green tea, in particular, can cause severe bleeding.
  • • Notify us in time if you have complaints such as a cold and flu, which may cause your operation to be canceled.
  • • Don’t forget to mention if you are taking blood pressure, heart, sugar, or thyroid medications. Bring your medication.
  • • You must stop taking your contraceptive medication four weeks before the operation.
  • • Get some rest before surgery. Do not make strenuous efforts.
  • • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption for one week in advance.
  • • If possible, send us the blood count results, Pt, and Aptt blood tests one week before the operation.
  • • On the day of the operation, you may bring someone along for support.
The liposuction operation takes about 1-4 hours. The time may vary depending on the number of liposuction areas and the patient’s body fat percentage.
The liposuction operation that we perform in Turkey is performed under general anesthesia.
You will not feel any pain during the liposuction operation and may have muscle pain for the first two days after surgery. You will get through this process with ease with the prescription painkillers.
The age limit is 18 for plastic surgery. According to parents and the physician’s agreement and approval, it can be applied to people under the age of 18.
You must wear your 1st stage corset that you will be worn immediately after the liposuction operation day and night for one week. After that, the 2nd stage corset must be worn day and night for approximately three months.
If the patient’s condition and the doctor deems it appropriate, a 3-day rest report can be given after the liposuction operation.
We recommend that you take your rest for at least one week after the liposuction operation. If you have an office job, you can go back to work after one week.
You can start walking at a leisurely pace from 3 days after the liposuction operation. After three weeks, you can slowly build up the exercise, and after eight weeks, you can generally exercise again.
2-3 mm cannulas are used to remove fat from the patient. The holes are tiny and difficult to see from the outside. Nevertheless, a light scar may remain. These scars begin to fade over time.
In liposuction surgery, the body’s fats can be injected, especially in the butt area recently. It can also be used on the forehead, breasts, chin groove, places that seem necessary on the face, crooked leg treatment, and many other areas.
The recovery of fat removed after liposuction is more up to you. Fats can come back as a result of an unbalanced diet and a life without sports. But it is not possible to get it back if you live a regular and healthy life.
State and your insurance do not cover liposuction.
Liposuction surgery performed with general anesthesia may harm the baby. Liposuction is more appropriate when the breastfeeding period is over after birth.
Liposuction is the process of removing fat. After fat intake, a decrease in your sugar ratio is observed. You are less likely to have diabetes. Liposuction is beneficial, not harmful, in terms of both your health and body image.
It is typical for edema and swelling to occur after a liposuction operation. You will realize that edema and swelling begin to decrease rapidly after five days. The final stage of this process can sometimes take six months.

We recommend massage after a liposuction operation. A therapeutic massage with a specialist masseur at regular intervals will be beneficial in both body shaping and rapid removal of edema.

The ratio of fat to be removed with liposuction may vary from person to person. Considering the physician’s decision, the patient’s health condition, 4-10 liters of fat can be removed.
We operate the liposuction surgery in Turkey. We prefer fully equipped hospitals with intensive care units. It is essential to choose an equipped hospital for liposuction performed by Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
The fattest areas are the abdomen, side rings, back, inner leg, breast, arms, upper vagina, knees, and hips. Also, fat can be taken from other areas according to the needs of the patient.
Liposuction prices are given as a package. Hotel, transfer, corset, medicines, and operation are included in this process. You can get information from our call center portion or prices for liposuction operations we did in Turkey.
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