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Road to Perfection


Road to Perfection
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Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood Smile is a dental cosmetic treatment that patients choose for achieving perfect teeth. The method, also known as smile aesthetics, addresses all the oral issues faced by the patient. Upon completion of the treatment, you can expect to have splendid teeth and an excellent smile. The procedure requires an experienced cosmetic dental professional and access to high-tech dental facilities to achieve the desired outcome.

The Istanbul-based dental aesthetics clinic is highly regarded for advanced technology and expert dentists.

Patients from various countries, including England, America, Canada, Australia, and Germany, enhance their smile aesthetic with the Hollywood smile technique.

What Does Hollywood Smile Mean?

This is a dental aesthetic procedure focused on designing the shape, brightness, suitability to the oral structure, color, and position of your teeth to enhance your smile in the best possible way.

A Hollywood smile is planned on an individual basis. Details such as skin color, lip structure, and smile shape must be examined thoroughly.

Before designing a Hollywood smile, it is important to understand the patient’s dental structure, potential problems, complaints, and expectations. The patient will first consult with a specialist in dental aesthetics. Dental photographs are requested, especially from patients coming from other countries. If deemed necessary, dental x-rays may also be requested. A panoramic x-ray can reveal all problems in the patient’s teeth and gums. This way, the dental plan for patients seeking a Hollywood smile becomes clear, including the number of teeth to be treated and associated fees.

Hollywood Smile Methods

The Hollywood smile plan evaluates the patient’s tooth structure and problems to determine the most appropriate dental coating method. This plan uses Zirconium, Laminated, and Emax veneers.

Laminated Porcelain Veneer

A laminated porcelain veneer is a thin, specialized porcelain material that is bonded to the surface of a tooth. It is an ideal choice for patients with smooth tooth structure and is highly recommended for those struggling with issues such as sparse, separated, yellowed, or stained teeth.

Emax Veneer

Emax veneers are a top choice for creating beautiful, high-quality smiles. First, the teeth are carefully prepared for the veneer application process. Then, Emax veneers are expertly placed onto the prepared teeth. Due to their natural appearance and excellent light transmittance, Emax veneers have become incredibly popular for achieving the Hollywood smile.

Zirconium Veneer

It is vital for the Hollywood smile plan. Many doctors favor this type of coating. Its durable structure, realistic appearance, and light-transmitting properties are ideal for smile aesthetics. In this procedure, a portion of the teeth is trimmed similar to emax veneers. On the trimmed teeth, zirconium veneers are applied.

Those who want to have a Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile procedure is available for individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Prior to the procedure, a thorough evaluation of the teeth and gums is necessary. Hollywood smile treatments are commonly sought for cosmetic reasons.

The upcoming days will depend on the type of dental procedure planned. It is crucial to determine whether the treatment involves implant, zirconium, or laminated tooth coating procedures.

Hollywood Smile Plan Day by Day in Istanbul Turkey

We will provide a detailed explanation of the Hollywood Smile aesthetics process, which is being planned at the top dental clinic in Istanbul.

  • Hollywood Smile Smile Aesthetic Plan Day 1

Upon arrival in Istanbul, we will transport you to your hotel using the previously designated Vip Transfer vehicle. You are free to spend your day enjoying the amenities of your hotel or venture out to discover the stunning attractions of Istanbul.

  • Hollywood Smile Smile Aesthetic Plan Day 2

You will be picked up from your hotel by a VIP car and transported to the dental clinic. Initially, a panoramic X-ray will be taken to assess your dental health. Next, you will meet with your Aesthetic Dentist to go over the results. Following that, your dental examination will be conducted along with your X-ray outcome. Your oral and dental health condition will be assessed, and the number of required dental veneers will be determined. The dentist will determine the most compatible material for your teeth and select the veneer color. Before and after pictures will be taken, and you will be escorted to the procedure room.

Your teeth will be measured and then slightly modified for the veneers. For laminated emax veneers, the upper front layer where the leaf porcelain will be attached is abraded. For zirconium dental veneers, teeth are trimmed from specific areas. On the 4th day, the patient is prepared for the placement of the veneers.

  • Hollywood Smile Smile Aesthetic Plan Day 3

On the third day of the Hollywood smile procedure, our team prepares the tooth molds in the dental laboratory. You can relax in your hotel onthis day and explore the history of Istanbul at your leisure or with a guided tour option.

  • Hollywood Smile Smile Aesthetic Plan Day 4

It’s time to place the prepared veneers. We check the harmony of veneers with the gums, their height, tooth color posture, and smile details for aesthetic perfection. Once all controls are completed, we bond veneers to the teeth with a strong, special adhesive. After the procedure, we ask the patient to check their teeth in front of a mirror. The Hollywood smile procedure concludes with careful review of every detail for a perfect result.

  • Hollywood Smile Smile Aesthetic Plan Day 5

On the 5th day, your teeth receive their final examination. During this time, all teeth are reviewed, and any issues with the patient’s grin or jaw movements are identified.Once completed, the entire process is finished.

How Much is Hollywood Smile in Turkey? What are the Prices?

The cost of a Hollywood smile procedure at a private dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, may fluctuate based on the specific dental procedures necessary for each patient. In cases of missing teeth, patients may choose dental implants, laminated zirconium for yellowed or stained teeth, or zirconium laminated coating for crooked, broken, or otherwise deformed teeth. Additionally, patients with gum problems may require different treatments prior to the procedure.For this purpose, we request that you provide your dental photographs, video recordings, and, if available, dental x-rays to determine the cost of a Hollywood smile.

Laminated 32 Teeth Hollywood Smile Price Full Package

between 5500-6000 euros

Zirconium 32 Teeth Hollywood Smile Price Full Package

between 4000-4500 euros

Emax 32 Teeth Hollywood Smile Full Package

between 5500-6000 euros

The complete Hollywood Smile package price includes accommodation, VIP transportation, medication, temporary teeth, and a panoramic x-ray.

The cost of a Hollywood smile can vary greatly among dental clinics in Turkey. The price for the same quantity of dental veneers may be significantly higher or lower at another clinic for a number of reasons.

Choosing a dental clinic is crucial. The clinic’s hygiene must be impeccable, and it should use modern and advanced technology. Additionally, each dental branch should have a doctor represented. These dental clinics may entail higher costs due to the superior service provided.

Choose an experienced dentist for a Hollywood smile with perfect teeth. Specialized dentists may charge higher fees but are essential for achieving the desired results.

Quality dental veneers and implants are essential for achieving a flawless Hollywood smile. The use of high-quality materials and an experienced dentist is crucial for optimal results. It is equally important for the dental laboratory and technicians to possess similar levels of expertise as the dentist. To ensure the best outcome, select a class A quality veneer design that is 100% compatible. Beware of low-cost Hollywood smile offers, as they may result in subpar results due to the use of inferior materials and inexperienced professionals.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our health assistants for information on the criteria mentioned above and fees for obtaining a Hollywood smile.

Things to Consider After Hollywood Smile

It’s crucial for patients to prioritize their oral and dental health following a Hollywood smile to prolong the lifespan of their dental veneers.

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