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Before And After Bbl (Brazillian Butt Lift) Surgery Photos

Road to Perfection

Before And After Bbl (Brazillian Butt Lift) Surgery Photos

Road to Perfection

Before And After BBL (Brazillian Butt Lift) Surgery Photos

Many patients have an idea about the surgery with before and after photos of Brazilian butt lift surgery. It is very important to have information about the whole process of BBL surgery, not just pictures. For this reason, surgery should not be decided only with BBL before and after photos.

Who is the Best BBL (Brazilian butt lift) Doctor in Turkey?

Patients looking for the best doctor who performs BBL surgery in Turkey should first look at the doctor’s experience, patient follow-up, results and real patient comments. Many aesthetic doctors in Turkey perform BBL surgery. It is important to do detailed research to make the right choice among these doctors.

Are There Risks of BBL Surgery?

BBL surgery has risks. As in every surgery, bleeding, infection, embolism, risk of asymmetry, risks related to anesthesia are also valid for this surgery.

Assessments before BBL surgery are very important. The patient must be suitable for BBL surgery. Height, weight, smoking-alcohol use, blood disorder, chronic diseases, medications should be evaluated and surgery should be decided.

The care process after BBL surgery is important. Rules such as keeping the fat injected into the buttocks symmetrical, taking regular walks to reduce the risk of embolism, consuming plenty of water, and paying attention to the sitting position should be followed.

BBL (Brazilian butt lift) Price in Turkey

In Turkey, the price of Brazilian butt lift, ie BBL, varies between 4500 euro and 7000 euro.

The factors mentioned above may change the price of BBL surgery. In addition, combining BBL surgery with another surgery can create a price difference.