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Before and After Liposuction and Real Patient Comments

Road to Perfection

Before and After Liposuction and Real Patient Comments

Road to Perfection

Before and After Liposuction and Real Patient Comments

With our article about what happened before and after liposuction, what the patients went through after the surgery, and how they felt about the surgery, we are right there with you.

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Before and After Liposuction Process

In 4 steps, we can talk about the things that people who want liposuction want to know.

Before Liposuction

Making the decision to have liposuction surgery is important on both a mental and a physical level. It is very important to find the right doctor for the surgery, choose the right hospital where the surgery will take place, and know what to expect.

If you look at the before-and-after photos of liposuction that people post on social media, you might think that the surgery is very easy. When what a patient sees on social media and what they feel after surgery are not the same, it can cause them to panic. Patients can have mental health problems and feel like they do not measure up physically because of this. One could say that the operation was hard to do.

The above possibilities show how important it is to get the right information before liposuction surgery and get ready for it.

Our recommendations before liposuction surgery

Real Patient Reviews Who Have Had Liposuction

Patients who have had liposuction can be asked about their thoughts, feelings, comments, and experiences. One thing to keep in mind is that it is known if the people who write comments on Google are real patients. Unfortunately, it is known that some people write comments on websites and social media sites as if they were real patients in order to get more patients.

When reading the comments of real people who have had liposuction, there are many things to keep in mind.

About Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery is a way to get rid of fat in certain areas. Fat can be taken from one part of the body or from many.

Liposuction surgery can be done with either Vaser liposuction or the old-fashioned way.

Liposuction surgery is done under general anesthesia, which means that the patient is put to sleep. After the surgery, a corset is put on the person. When the surgery is over, the patient will be able to see drains in his body. These drains are needed so that dirty blood and waste fluid can get out of the body. During liposuction surgery, a patient can have a urinary catheter put in. Your doctor can decide whether to take out the urinary catheter the day of surgery or the day after. Most of the time, you stay in the hospital for one or two nights to be watched.

After Liposuction

The process of getting better after liposuction can be different for each person. Most people start to feel better by the third day. After liposuction, it is important to take short walks. People should drink a lot of water.

It is recommended that drainage and massages be done one week after liposuction. Drinking alcohol and smoking should be put off for at least 4 weeks.

It is suggested that you switch to a Columbia corset after the second week and keep it on for three months.