Pictures Before And After Facelift Surgery

Road to Perfection

Pictures Before And After Facelift Surgery

Road to Perfection

Pictures Before And After Facelift Surgery

One of the things that many of our patients who are considering facelift surgery are curious about is to see the before and after pictures of patients who have had facelift surgery before. Many patients decide on their surgery by researching the experience and experience of the doctor performing facelift surgery from these pictures. Recommendations for facelift surgery are important. What patients who have had facelift surgery before say about the doctor, what they have experienced and how they feel after surgery is important for patients considering this surgery.

Facelift surgery is riskier than other plastic surgeries. All changes on the face can be noticed at first glance. For this reason, compared to other body aesthetic surgeries, facial aesthetics is visually ahead of the others.

Are There Risks of Facelift Surgery?

As mentioned above, facelift surgery has risks. We can list risks such as asymmetry, nerve damage, problems in wound healing, large scars, fat necrosis, infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, anesthesia-related risks, loss of sensation.

You should pay attention to the choice of doctor for facelift surgery. It is important to choose a doctor who frequently performs facelift surgery, who is experienced, who has received special training in this field, and to whom other facelift patients can refer.

Who is the Best Facelift Doctor in Turkey

Patients looking for the best facelift doctor in Turkey should pay attention to the features mentioned above. For facelift surgery, references, experience, before and after pictures, patient comments and all information about the doctor should be evaluated.

We would like to say that the Health And Beauty Travel organization has planned face lift surgery in Turkey with a distinguished team of doctors who are experts in this field.

For facelift surgery, you need to consider the clinic and hospital conditions as well as the doctor’s advice. After facelift surgery, wound care, patient follow-up and what you need to do after surgery should be planned and implemented.

What is the Price of Facelift Surgery?

The price of facelift surgery is determined according to the patient’s needs. Many operations such as Facelift – Neck Lift – Temple Lift – Upper Lower Eyelid – Fat Injection – Almond Eye Technique are planned according to the needs of the patient. In general, the cost of Face and Neck Lift surgery can vary between 8000-12000 Euros on average.

“We have before and after photos of many patients for whom we are planning facelift surgery. We can only share the authorized ones of these photos with you.”