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Pictures Before And After Liposuction

Road to Perfection

Pictures Before And After Liposuction

Road to Perfection

Pictures Before And After Liposuction

Before and after photos of patients who had liposuction surgery in Turkey can be shown as a reference for patients considering this surgery. Here you can find before and after pictures for liposuction operation, which is still shown as the best option for regional thinning.

Finding the best doctor for liposuction surgery, examining previous surgeries, comparing before and after pictures are things that many patients are curious about. Because having liposuction surgery in an experienced doctor is very important to get the desired result.

Are There Risks of Liposuction Surgery?

Like all surgeries, liposuction surgery has risks. Bleeding, embolism, fluctuation appearance in the body, hematoma, anesthesia-induced risks and infection are among these risks.

As well as the before and after photos of liposuction surgery, the comments of patients who have had this surgery about the doctor should also be taken into consideration. Google reviews, experiences of other patients, their experiences during the recovery process are important for the choice of doctor and organization.

Who is the Best Liposuction Doctor in Turkey

There are many doctors performing liposuction in Turkey. You should look for the answer to the question of who is the best liposuction doctor in the comments of the patients who had surgery, before and after photos, the doctor’s experience and experience about liposuction. 

Many details such as how the pre- and post-operative process is organized, how the patient care process is done in the hospital and in your hotel, your doctor’s approach to you in case of problems you may experience after returning to your country will direct you to the best liposuction doctor.

We would like to say that Health And Beauty Travel organization has planned liposuction surgery in Turkey with an elite and expert team of doctors.

What is the Liposuction Price?

The price of liposuction in Turkey varies between 4000-6000 euro. The price of liposuction surgery may vary according to the number of areas to be fat. For 360 degree liposuction, there are back, belly and waist area. If the patient wants to have fat removed from the arms or legs, the price of liposuction may vary.

Liposuction price may vary with services such as hotel, airport transfer, private nurse, medications, corset, massage, Aftercare, private nurse checks at the hotel.