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Turkey’s Best Hair Transplantation Clinic

Road to Perfection

Turkey’s Best Hair Transplantation Clinic

Road to Perfection

Turkey's Best Hair Transplantation Clinic

To have the hair you desire, you have chosen to undergo a hair transplant. You are considering which hair transplant facility I should visit for this. Your hunt for the top hair transplant clinics, hospitals, and centers in Turkey began when you wanted to learn more about them.

We will attempt to explain our research into hair transplantation facilities in Turkey in this article, along with how to choose the best facility for a given patient.

With the Health and Beauty Travel company, we think it helpful to outline the factors we consider when selecting a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, the types of exams that are appropriate for particular patients, and the progression of the hair care process following the hair transplant.

There Are Many Hair Transplantation Clinics in Turkey

More than 2000 people per day are traveling to Turkey for hair transplants, according to data from 2021. However, many of these patients have hair transplantation from facilities and individuals who are unlawful, do not adhere to cleanliness regulations, are not under the Ministry of Health’s supervision, and are not even hair transplant specialists.

The Hair Center of Turkey, one of the top hair transplant facilities in Istanbul, arranges for hair transplant patients to have treatment there through Health and Beauty Travel.”

Who Does the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

It is crucial to look into a few key factors in order to determine which clinic in Turkey does the best hair transplantation.

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube frequently feature photos of people who have had hair transplants, and numerous hair transplant clinics that market on this topic attract our attention. It is crucial to assess these clinics and select the hair transplant facility appropriately.

Picking a hair transplant clinic in Turkey;

A) Does the hair transplant clinic have a license?

As previously indicated, there are numerous hair transplant facilities in Turkey that lack a hair transplant license. These hair transplant facilities are illegal. Individuals who receive hair transplantation in these facilities are unable to assert any legal rights if they later experience a problem. The state routinely shuts down such hair transplant clinics. In a few weeks, these closed centers can reappear under various identities. Choose corporate centers if you’re seeking for hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

B) Are Hair Transplanters Experienced?

The competence of the professionals doing the hair transplant is a crucial factor to take into account while selecting a clinic in Turkey for the procedure.

It’s crucial to have teams with at least two years of expertise perform your hair transplant. Inexperienced teams doing hair transplants can produce subpar results.

C) Is Hair Transplant Clinic Hygienic?

In the case of hair transplantation, hygiene is crucial. The area where hair will be transplanted needs to be clean and adhere to operational hygiene standards. Ask for images of the facility and the area where the hair will be implanted while studying which hair transplant center in Turkey you should visit. Ask about the personnel performing the hair transplant.

We see that some individuals develop infections as a result of hair transplantation. Due to this, it is crucial that both the employees doing the hair transplant and the hair transplant facility adhere to the standards of hygiene.

D) What's in the Hair Transplant Price?

Ask what services are included in the cost when selecting hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Through email, request a detailed list of the services they will offer.


Best Hair Transplant Technique

Turkish hair transplant clinics offer a variety of hair transplanting methods. The most often employed of these strategies are;

Whatever procedure will be used should be determined after the patient’s hair analysis. Fue therapy is typically applied to patients who have a large opening in their skull. On the other hand, individuals with sparse hair, patients who have had a hair transplant before, and female patients tend to receive the DHI procedure more frequently.

With sapphire fue hair transplantation, specialized sapphire blades are utilized. Tissue injury is reduced when sapphire blades are utilized during the channel opening stage.

Fue and the DHI approach can be used simultaneously on some individuals.

Your hair should be thoroughly analyzed, and the technique used in hair transplantation should be chosen in accordance with the results.

Clinics Performing Hair Transplantation with Sedation in Turkey

All hair transplant patients are advised by the Health and Beauty Travel & Hair Center of Turkey to undertake a sedation-assisted procedure (narcosis). In order to deliver a great hair transplant experience, we try to keep the patient from experiencing needle pain, especially in the initial 20 to 30 minutes.

With the help of a sedated hair transplant procedure managed by an anesthesiologist, the patients’ comfort is maximized.

In Turkey, there are not many centers that conduct anesthetic hair transplants. Because hair transplantation facilities that are properly trained, technically advanced, and fully equipped can perform this procedure.

Best Hair Transplantation Clinics in Netherlands

The Netherlands has hair transplantation clinics. In this context, we are aware of Turkish hair transplant doctors who work in Dutch hair transplant clinics. By weighing the benefits and drawbacks, we may ask patients who are thinking about getting a hair transplant to choose between getting one in Turkey or the Netherlands.

what benefits there are to getting a hair transplant in Turkey;

Not all hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer the advantages listed above. You must select reputable, licensed hair transplant facilities for this.

The hair transplant clinic Hair Center Of Turkey operates a consultation and aftercare facility in the Netherlands. In this facility, analyses of hair transplantation are done, and applications for hair care are done following hair transplantation.

Individuals interested in a Dutch hair transplant are welcome to visit this facility for a face-to-face consultation and hair analysis.