What Awaits You In Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Road to Perfection

What Awaits You In Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Road to Perfection
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What Awaits You In Tummy Tuck Surgery?

We wanted to let you know what patients can expect from tummy tuck surgery, also referred to as weight loss surgery.

How Many Days Will You Stay in Turkey for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Your stay in Istanbul, Turkey, will be one week long for all gastric and gastric bypass surgeries.

How Much Should I Weight for Surgery?

Body mass index requirements for these surgeries are 35 or higher.

Which Diseases Prevent My Surgery?

The decision is made with the doctor’s assessment if there are diseases like advanced ulcers, heart diseases, digestive diseases, or stomach ulcers.

How Should I Prepare Myself for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The transformation starts with tummy tuck surgery. It is important to mentally and physically prepare for this change. The center of your life, your eating habits, will alter. You must have the willpower to stop many of your habits. When a patient requests assistance in this area, we advise them to speak with a psychologist.

Is a Test Performed Before Tummy Tuck Surgery?

It is being determined whether the patient is a good candidate for surgery before this procedure. Abdominal ultrasound, a comprehensive chemistry panel, a hemoglobin value, a urinalysis, and a pulmonary function test are some of the tests used before surgery. Depending on the patient’s condition, additional consultations such as a cardiology exam, echo, chest x-ray, or psychiatry evaluation may be required.

Is There Pain After Surgery?

In most cases, gas pain follows surgery. Following the procedure, you will be required to walk for about 4 hours. You can let off gas on these walks. It will make your pain go away. Your post-operative pain medication will also be taken on a regular basis.


How Many Hours Does the Surgery Take?

Tummy Tuck surgery lasts about an hour.

Can we bring a companion with us?

You are welcome to bring a companion.

Do I Have Incisions and Stitches on My Abdomen?

Laparoscopy is used for tummy tuck surgery. Your abdomen is cut open four times to complete this procedure. As a result, there is no abdominal incision. Aesthetic stitches are used to close the opened holes. Over time, it becomes hazy.

How Many Days Do We Stay in the Hospital?

After a tummy tuck, you stay in the hospital for two days. Following three days of check-ups, you are discharged.

How Is Nutrition After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

For the first 15 days, liquid meals will be eaten. For the next 15 days, you will only be eating puree. Solid nutrition will then be introduced. Bariatric dietitians will oversee this process as it develops.

Will I Get Hungry After Surgery?

The sensation of hunger will decline following tummy tuck surgery. This is because it disrupts the center responsible for appetite.

When Will I Reach My Normal Weight?

Patients may experience this differently. Usually, it takes 12 to 18 months.

What Are the Banned Foods After Gastric Reduction Surgery?

Salt and sugar consumption in excess slows the rate of weight loss. For the first three months, carbonated foods, coffee, lemon, tomato paste, spices, and raw vegetables are not allowed. Drinks with carbonation should not be consumed. Drinking alcohol is not advised, especially during the first six months.

How Much Is Stomach Reduction Surgery 2023 Price?

You can call our assistants directly or use our whatsapp line to get information about the cost of gastric bypass and tummy tuck surgery in 2023. Detailed information is also available on our website.