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Can HIV Positive Individuals Undergo Aesthetic Surgery?

Road to Perfection

Can HIV Positive Individuals Undergo Aesthetic Surgery?

Road to Perfection

Can HIV Positive Individuals Undergo Aesthetic Surgery?

HIV-positive patients may receive liposuction, abdominoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, or any other plastic surgery.

Some HIV-positive patients may choose to conceal their status when consulting with our health counselors as they fear it may hinder their pursuit of their desired physique. However, this is not a concern as all aesthetic surgeries are available to such patients.

HIV is a Controllable Infection

Individuals diagnosed with HIV may experience fear, panic, and anxiety. Nevertheless, with the currently available effective drug therapies, individuals living with HIV who keep the virus under control can maintain a healthy, long life.

For HIV positive patients, drug treatment is initiated following tests ordered by their physician. This ensures that HIV is effectively managed and enables patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle just like any other individual.

Preoperative and Postoperative Procedure for HIV Positive Patients

We require all patients to complete a consultation form, regardless of the plastic surgery they are undergoing. The form includes inquiries about chronic and infectious diseases. This information is necessary in order to properly manage treatment for patients with HIV or other infectious diseases.


Blood tests are conducted prior to aesthetic surgery in the hospital. These preoperative tests consist of HIV, HBSAG, AntiHCV, and other applicable blood tests.

If the provided information disclosed any hindrances to surgery, a thorough investigation will be conducted. However, if the HIV is under control, it will not impede the surgery.

The following procedure will proceed in the same manner as other plastic surgeries.

Aesthetic Procedures Pricing for Patients Living with HIV

For individuals living with HIV, the costs for plastic surgeries including liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations, and hair transplants are consistent. However, the medical facility performing the procedure may require additional fees for plastic surgery. Let us outline some potential reasons for this.

Operating Room Sterilization

Operating rooms for aesthetic surgeries adhere to sterilization guidelines. Following one surgery, time required for preparation and sterilization for subsequent surgeries is determined on average. If a patient has HIV, the operating room is closed solely for that patient. After the surgery is completed, the operating room is not used for another patient’s surgery. The sterilization process is lengthy, leading hospitals to require extra payments as the operating room will be out of service for the entire day.

Disposable Materials

Many medical supplies used in the operating room are disposable, and are often disposed of prior to sterilization. As a result, there is a price discrepancy between disposable and non-disposable items.

Patients living with HIV who may be interested in plastic surgery can access comprehensive information by contacting our healthcare consultants.