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Concerns in Aesthetics

Road to Perfection

Concerns in Aesthetics

Road to Perfection
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Concerns In Aesthetics

There are many images, videos, and articles that confuse people on social media and web pages about aesthetic and plastic surgery operations. In this article, we tried to answer any questions about plastic and aesthetic surgery surgeries for you.

What is Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery?

It is the correction of symmetry, measurement, and deformities we experience in our body in the light of surgical rules in line with the demand and taste of the patient.


Am I Ready For Aesthetic Surgery?

The person needs to prepare himself/herself for aesthetic surgery. It is important for you not to make sudden decisions. You should prepare yourself for the surgery that you will be spiritually and physically. In particular, you should focus on the recovery process you will experience after surgery. It may be helpful for you to get psychological support for this. You should also review your health status and take advantage of mini checkup programs.

Is There An Age Limit For Aesthetic Surgery?

The desired age limit for aesthetic and plastic surgery operations in Turkey is 18. It is determined as the age to complete body development. If the age of the patient is under the age of 18, first of all, the family and then the doctor must approve and give permission for this operation.

How Can I Find the Best Plastic Surgeon?

Actually, there is no answer to this question. Because every plastic surgeon encountered many cases in this field during his education and entered the operation. If you are looking for a good plastic surgeon, you can contact surgeons who have developed themselves in their field, have developed different methods with their experience and experience, have received positive references from their patients with their surgeries, have not left their patients alone in the patient follow-up and recovery process, follow the development of plastic surgery in the world and are able to empathize.

How Many Weight Can I Lose Weight With Liposuction?

The purpose of liposuction surgery is to vacuum excess fat in certain areas in order to achieve a smooth body appearance. Of course, a certain rate of weakening will be observed. But this situation is only for the area where Liposuction is applied. Patients considering liposuction in order to lose weight should discuss this issue with their doctor in detail.

How Many Liters Of Fat Can I Take From My Body With Liposuction?

In order to answer this question, the health status of the patient should be evaluated first. Weight, height, age, habits, areas where liposuction will be applied, medications used, illnesses, and chronic diseases should be taken into consideration. Secondly, the physical examination of the doctor is important. The evaluation of the anesthesiologist is very important. Considering all these criteria, the maximum amount of fat can be removed in line with the doctor’s decision. In the standard procedure, up to 7% of the body can be fat. However, this rate may be less or more with the evaluation of the doctor, the feature of the liposuction device to be used, and the evaluation of the anesthesiologist.

What are the harms of liposuction surgery?

Appropriate patient criteria are important for liposuction. If the patient does not have heart disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus, the risk of anesthesia is low. Liposuction reduces the risks to patients under 60 years of age and to people whose body mass index is suitable.

Most of the deaths after liposuction, which we read in the news and social media, may occur in cases that do not meet the criteria of the appropriate liposuction patient, are overweight, have chronic diseases, have not been evaluated by the doctor in medical terms, and the necessary precautions are not taken. Sometimes, even if all the precautions are taken, the patient’s health condition is suitable for this surgery, but unfortunately, bad results are encountered. It would not be correct to generalize this as liposuction surgery. After tooth extraction, even after eye surgeries, which are called very easy, these sad situations can be experienced.

Let us state the complications that may occur after liposuction surgery.


How Long Should I Wear a Corset After Liposuction?

The answer to this must be given by the doctor who performed the surgery. But in general, it is required to wear a corset for 6 weeks.

What Should I Do After Liposuction?

You should pay attention to your diet after liposuction and in the period after that. Abundant walking and sports should definitely enter your life. Especially, smoking and other bad habits should be avoided. After lipo massages should be done 5-6 days after the operation as a complement to liposuction surgery. The medicines and vitamins given to you after the surgery should be used regularly. It may take 6 months to a year for the results to show themselves after liposuction. Help your body. Stay active so that the edema and swelling go away.

Is After Lipo Massage Beneficial?

After lipo massage is a complementary procedure. Thanks to the massages performed after liposuction, successful results are obtained. Drainage massage should be applied after liposuction. Thanks to the drainage massage, it is ensured that waste blood and edema are removed from the body.

Is There Any Scar After Liposuction?

For liposuction, very thin cannulae are entered from certain points of your body and the fats in those areas are removed. After the surgery, these holes close quickly and become indeterminate in the following periods.

Is Bladder Attached in Liposuction Surgery?

After liposuction surgery, the bladder is attached during the surgery. The bladder is removed on the first day or the second day after evaluating the patient’s condition.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Liposuction?

It is necessary to stay in Turkey for six nights for liposuction.

Is Fat Removed in Tummy Tuck Surgery?

In tummy tuck surgeries, excess skin in the abdominal area is removed. This may be sufficient for some patients. However, liposuction is required in some patients to achieve body aesthetics. Especially the fat in the lateral abdomen and hip areas should be removed by liposuction.

How Many Days To Stay In The Hospital For Abdominal Stretching Surgeries?

Two days hospital stay is sufficient. However, in some cases, this may be a night or three nights, with the doctor’s decision.

Is There Any Scars in Tummy Tuck Surgery?

In many surgical operations, it is possible to leave a scar on the incised skin. This situation is valid for abdominoplasty surgery. With the cream and some suggestions given after the surgery, this scar can be made more obscure. The most important thing here is the experience of the doctor. The patient also has responsibilities for faster healing of stitch scars. Especially before and after the surgery, smoking and similar harmful habits should be quit. In abdominoplasty, stitch scars are planned to remain under the underwear.


What is the Difference Between Mini Tummy Tuck and Full Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The biggest difference between a full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck surgery determines the navel level. In mini tummy tuck surgery, the navel is not touched. The reason for this is that the sagging in the belly occurs in the lower part of the abdomen. If the excess skin is located in the lower part of the navel, if the upper abdominal area does not need stretching, a mini tummy tuck is sufficient. In full tummy tuck surgeries, both the upper part of the navel and the lower part of the navel are stretched. The entire abdomen is stretched and the belly button is redefined and done. Excess skin is removed.

Is Blood Attached After Abdominoplasty or Liposuction?

It is normal to experience a certain rate of blood loss in tummy tuck and liposuction operations. For this reason, the blood levels of the patient are checked at certain times after surgery. In particular, the level of hemoglobin before the operation and the level after the operation are evaluated. If the hemoglobin level is low, it is perfectly normal to supplement with blood.

Is Urinary Catheter Used In Tummy Tuck Surgery?

In tummy tuck surgery, the urinary bladder is attached during the surgery. The urinary catheter is removed on the first day or the second day after evaluating the patient’s condition.

Why is BBL Surgery risky?

BBL surgery has risks like other aesthetic surgeries. Necessary precautions should be taken. The experience of the doctor is very important. Attention should be paid to the ratio of fat taken with liposuction. The oil to be injected into the butt should be prepared in a safe and sterile environment. In addition, attention should be paid to the amount of fat to be given to the buttocks and the part to be injected. It is known that many distressing situations are encountered as a result of the fat given under and intramuscularly. Fat should be given to the muscle.

The patient should be well evaluated in order to minimize the risks in Bbl surgeries. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic diseases should be controlled and surgery should be decided in accordance with the doctor’s approval.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for BBL Surgery?

For BBL surgery (Brazilian butt), it is sufficient to stay in Turkey for 6 nights. You will spend two nights in the hospital.

Can BBL Fat Transfer Be Done To Thin People?

If the patient is thin, the fat ratio in the areas such as back, belly, and legs is checked first. Recently, the results of BBL surgeries performed on weak patients have been very successful.
If it is a very weak patient, fat transfer is not possible.

How Long Should I Use the BBL Pillow?

BBL pillow should be used for 6 weeks.

Does the Fat in the Butt Melt?

This situation may differ from patient to patient. You should make progress as suggested by your doctor. Of course, you will have edema and swelling after surgery. These will disappear. Although there are patients showing 40% dissolution, there are patients showing 5% dissolution.

What Should I Pay Attention To After BBL (Brazilian Butt) Surgery?

Take care to use the BBL pillow for up to 6 weeks. Avoid aggressive sports for 7-8 weeks. Stay away from smoking.

Can Tummy Tuck Surgery Be Performed With BBL Simultaneously?

Tummy tuck and BBL surgery, which we call combined surgery, can be performed in the same surgery.

Is Urinary Catheter Used In BBL Surgery?

After the Bbl surgery, the urinary catheter is attached during the surgery. The urinary catheter is removed on the first day or the second day after evaluating the patient’s condition.


How Many CC Silicone Can Be Applied During Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The most used is between 200 – 470 cc. Silicone size should be planned differently for each person.

What are the Brands of Breast Silicone Used in Turkey?

The most commonly used breast silicone brands in Turkey are Mentor, PolyTech and Motiv.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Breast Aesthetics?

It is enough to stay in Turkey for 6-7 days for breast aesthetics. These are breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction surgeries.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Of course you can breastfeed. Because no intervention is made to the milk glands and milk ducts in breast reduction surgeries.

Does Breast Silicone Burst?

Due to the special structure of breast silicone, it is very difficult to burst or puncture. Even if pierced, the special gel inside does not leak out.

What Should I Pay Attention To After Breast Surgery?

You should wear your corset for 4 weeks after the operation. It is very important not to lift heavy. Sports activities that will strain the chest muscles should be avoided for 2 months. Care should be taken in wound care.

Which Are Natural Standing Breast Prosthesis?

Drop and Round Prostheses are planned according to the person’s chest structure. The expert’s opinion should be taken for a natural look.

Does Breast Silicone Cause Cancer?

There is no result stating that breast silicone causes cancer. The statistics obtained give the cancer rate the same for women with silicone and those without silicone.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Aesthetic Surgeries?

Many private health insurances do not cover the cost of plastic surgery. Your agency will tell you detailed information about this.

What Are The Most Common Problems In Breast Aesthetics?

There are rules for patients to pay attention to after breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction surgeries. Particular attention should be paid to the stitches on the breast. The most important rules are lifting heavy, not raising your arm above or above your head, keeping your seams dry, and avoiding clothes that will force your seams.