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Difference Between Mini Bypass and Normal Bypass

Road to Perfection

Difference Between Mini Bypass and Normal Bypass

Road to Perfection
mini bypass ile normal bypass arasindaki fark

Difference Between Mini Bypass and Normal Bypass

Weight Loss Surgery Bypass

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight-loss procedure used on people who are overweight, have a BMI of more than 35kg/m2, and have tried and failed to lose weight in the past.

Turkey Obesity Surgery includes this type of surgery. It is not recommended to patients as a first option; first, diet programs should be tried on a regular basis, drug treatment should be used, and only then should this procedure be used if the desired outcome is not achieved.

Obesity is more than just a cosmetic issue; it also causes ailments including hypertension, cholesterol, infertility, stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea, as well as limiting your day-to-day activities, especially as you become older. In any case, younger people should not be viewed as having the ability to reduce weight whenever they choose; rather, it should be addressed as soon as feasible. Turkey’s stomach reduction surgeries are just as intense as their plastic surgery counterparts, and they rank among the most experienced countries in this field.

Types of Surgery for Obesity Treatment

Obesity can be treated in a variety of ways.


What is the Difference Between Mini Gastric Bypass and Normal Bypass?

Both procedures are weight loss surgeries, however, they differ in some ways. Let’s have a look at both approaches.

Who is Gastric Bypass Applied?

Gastric Bypass advantages


Gastric Bypass Disadvantages

Gastric bypass surgery, like all other gastric reduction procedures, has drawbacks.

Normalization After Gastric Bypass

Return to Work: Patients should rest at home for 15 days. Your return to work depends on your job, if it is a desk job, you can return to work after 15 days, but if it is a demanding job, you can return after a month. It is possible to receive a monthly report.

Bathing: After gastric bypass surgeries, you will be able to take a shower after your drains are removed.

Sexual Intercourse: After gastric bypass surgeries, sexual intercourse can be experienced at least 15 days later.

Smoking: Smoking should not be used for at least 1 month after gastric bypass surgery.

Weight Gain After Stomach Reduction

Even if you have stomach reduction surgery, you may find that you are unable to shed as much weight as you would like. There may also be instances where you lose as much weight as you wish at initially, only to regain it later.

You have control over your situation following a conventional bypass or a small bypass. You will not face a circumstance that you do not want if you do not disregard the doctor’s regulations and follow the nutritional recommendations.

How Much Weight Is Lost With Gastric Bypass?

There is no universally applicable answer to this question. It may differ from one person to the next. Following the diet prescribed by the doctor after the procedure is the key to achieving the best results. If we make an estimate, a patient who follows his diet and eats regularly can drop close to 50 kilograms. After bypass surgery, weight loss might last up to two years.