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How Long You Cannot Sit on Your Hip After BBL Surgery?

Road to Perfection

How Long You Cannot Sit on Your Hip After BBL Surgery?

Road to Perfection

How Long You Cannot Sit on Your Hip After BBL Surgery?

You should pay attention to the guidelines you must abide by after having a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) procedure. These guidelines might have an impact on the outcome of your procedure. You should be careful not to sit on your butt for at least 15 days after BBL surgery. Pay close attention to if you’re sleeping on your stomach at night. To avoid an unbalanced distribution of the fat injected into your buttocks, this is done. Otherwise, your butt can become asymmetrical. For around two months, you should aim to keep up your sitting routine.

After BBL surgery, you can take a brief seat on a comfortable pillow if you need to. There are pillows developed specifically for this use. The website provided below will provide further information in-depth.

Hoe lang moet u na een BBL operatie NIET op uw heupen zitten

How Long Does the BBL's Result Last?

Patients frequently inquire about the permanence of BBL surgery, the rate at which the fat in their butts melts following the procedure, and the duration of the effects. 35–40% of the fat that is injected into the butt after BBL surgery may dissolve. Because of this, surgeons that specialize in BBL surgery calculate the melting rate before injecting fat into the buttocks. Permanent fats contribute to the butt’s volume, fullness, and aesthetic appeal in this way.

Depending on the patient’s own body composition, the buttocks’ fat may also dissolve. As a result, each patient’s melting rate could vary. According to patients with BBL, a substantial percentage of people do not experience melting.

Smoking and quick weight loss can speed up the process by which buttock fat melts following BBL surgery.

Individuals who have undergone BBL Surgery have said that they initially thought their buttocks were excessively huge, but that within 3–4 weeks, they had reached the appropriate size.

While taking into account the feedback from patients who have undergone BBL surgery, it is seen that patients who participate in vigorous sports have less buttock fat.

Does the BBL hurt?

Undergoing a procedure while under general anesthetic is known as BBL surgery. With a unique procedure, the liposuctioned fat (360-degree lipo – back-belly-waist) is injected into the buttocks’ specific locations. Aches and pains following surgery are typical. Your pain medications are continuously given to you beginning with the moment you leave the operating room. BBL is a surgery that may cause postoperative discomfort rather than being painful itself.

These aches resemble muscular pains. It is comparable to the muscle pains that someone who hasn’t worked out in a while will feel after engaging in intense athletics. In the locations where liposuction is done, there is pain. There’s a chance that your buttocks hurt. Your discomfort begins to significantly diminish starting on the third day after the operation.

Non-surgical BBL

The question of whether BBL is occurring without surgery is one of the most puzzling concerns for patients who are anxious about surgery and want the recovery process to go swiftly. Regrettably, no non-surgical BBL procedure or innovative BBL technique has been discovered in this field.

BBL Surgery Failed

One of the most popular aesthetic procedures in recent years is BBL surgery. The causes of the BBL surgery’s failure must be looked at. The patient’s lack of adequate body fat, their current state of health, the doctor’s lack of knowledge in this area, or their failure to effectively communicate their expectations to the doctor could all contribute to the failure of the BBL operation.

The consultation procedure is crucial, especially for people who are skinny. As is common knowledge, BBL surgery involves injecting buttocks with fat that has been removed during liposuction. The patient’s expectations might not be met if there is insufficient fat. You should therefore discuss all the specifics with your doctor or the business organization. You should describe your goals.

What could go wrong in the BBL?

If we need to list the risks of BBL surgery and the situations that can go wrong, embolism may be one of them. The following complications can be seen in many aesthetic surgeries.

It might not be possible to totally remove these dangers. However, if adequate safeguards are taken, these dangers can be reduced.