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I Want to Have Tummy Tuck Surgery

Road to Perfection

I Want to Have Tummy Tuck Surgery

Road to Perfection
ik wil de operatie buikwandcorrectie ondergaan

I Want to Have Tummy Tuck Surgery

This article is for you if you have been giving some thought to getting a tummy tuck surgery. You will find a significant amount of information about the tummy tuck surgery described in this article.

The results of an abdominoplasty can be broken down into four stages. The pre-operative preparation, the organization process, the operation process, and the care and recovery process are the four stages of the process.

Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is performed for a variety of different reasons. These include skin sagging in the abdominal region following weight loss surgery, rapid weight gain and loss, skin sagging in the abdominal region following weight loss surgery, and wrinkles and skin sagging under the navel with advanced age. All of these unfavorable aspects can be cited as justifications for undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

The process of getting ready for the operation is ongoing at the Health and Beauty Travel organization, and it consists of a few different stages.

To begin, the patient’s complaints and expectations are gathered together and evaluated. Either through an in-person or online consultation, this is accomplished by our team. A number of topics, including your health status, weight, and habits, can be acquired through this method. The Specialist Doctor will examine the photographs you have provided, and then they will decide which procedure is best suited for you.

In order to be a candidate for a tummy tuck, a patient’s body mass index must be at or below 30. Because of this, doctors often advise patients who are overweight to lose some of that extra weight before continuing treatment.

Quitting smoking and any other similar habits at least two to three weeks before the tummy tuck surgery is one of the additional steps that should be taken prior to the procedure. It is essential for the wounds to heal in a shorter amount of time, for the stitches to remain in place, and for the anesthesia procedure to be more safe.

It is just as important to get mentally ready for a tummy tuck as it is to get physically ready for the procedure. You may seek the assistance of a psychologist in this regard.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Organization Process

An email outlining the entire procedure will be sent to you after the date of your surgery has been selected and finalized. This document will include every process that was explained to you verbally in its entirety.

In order to have tummy tuck surgery, a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, for seven days is going to be planned. In the message that will be sent to your phone by our Patient Relations Officer, who will be with you in Istanbul before your trip, the procedure for the airport VIP Transfer will be explained. After meeting you at the airport, a VIP vehicle will take you to the location of your choice, whether it be your hotel or the hospital.

You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to the tummy tuck procedure. It is imperative that you receive assistance and that you maintain a high level of motivation.

You will be greeted at the entrance to the hospital by either our patient relations officer or one of our private nurses. They will be there for you to provide support throughout the entirety of your stay in the hospital.

The process of post-operative care will be administered by the private nurses of the hospital as well as by your personal physician. The procedures necessary for your discharge will be carried out by our team. A package containing any and all medical consumables that you might require will be brought to your hotel room.

The Health and beauty travel private nurse will pay you a daily visit for as long as you remain a guest at the hotel. Your dressings are going to be changed. It will supply you with the controls you need.

On the final day of your procedure, our private nurse will give you a drainage massage. This massage will help you relax after having cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck, bbl, or liposuction. A person who has completed specialized training and been granted appropriate certification will perform this massage on you.

When you get back to your home country, a file containing the flight report as well as the results of any and all blood tests that you had done at the hospital will be provided to you.

Surgery Process

The day before your tummy tuck surgery, you will spend the night in the hospital. On that day, we will perform both the blood tests and the abdominal ultrasound that are scheduled for you. If you have not been tested for covid in the past two days, you will have a sample taken from you in order to have it analyzed.

Your anesthesiologist will conduct your exam on the same day or on the day of your surgery, whichever comes first. If the evaluation is accurate, the anesthesiologist may ask you to consult with another department before continuing with the procedure.


Inform the Health and Beauty travel official about any infectious diseases you are familiar with, any medications you take, any surgeries you have had, your habits, and any other relevant information before you come in for your tummy tuck surgery.

Get a covid test the day before you travel to Turkey, just in case you end up getting sick there.

Bring along any necessary medications.

Please inform your therapist about any medications you are currently taking.


Surgery Day

Ahead of the surgical procedure Your plastic surgeon will make a personal visit to your hospital room. There will be a photographer taking your picture. Your expectations are going to be taken into consideration once more. Your inquiries will be addressed in due time. There will be a discussion regarding the intricacies of the operation. Creating the surgical drawings is the final step in the pre-operative process, which will be performed by your doctor.

Surgery Details

Liposuction is the surgical technique that is used to perform an abdominoplasty. The Vaser liposuction technique is used to remove fat from the back, side rings, armpits, and abdominal region.

Each patient’s abdominoplasty procedure can be tailored specifically to their needs.

  • Standard Tummy Tuck Surgery Incision

The incision for a standard tummy tuck might be comparable in length to that of a cesarean section, or it might be a little longer. In most cases, it can be found in the space between the two pelvises.

  • 270 degree Abdominoplasty Incision

The exact location of the cut for the 270-degree tummy tuck depends on the requirements of the patient. Patients who have excess fat and skin in the lateral bagel areas are ideal candidates for this procedure, as it is specifically targeted toward them. After surgery, collections, twists, and excesses can be seen in the side parts if the incision was not made at 270 degrees. This is because the incision creates an angle that is not equal to 270 degrees. This will not in any way contribute to a pleasing aesthetic. The incision for the 270 degree tummy tuck is significantly longer than the incision for the standard tummy tuck. It refers to the removal of excess skin that is positioned at an angle of approximately 270 degrees from the body.

  • 360 Degree Abdominoplasty Incision

Surgery known as a 360-degree tummy tuck is performed with the express purpose of removing excess fat and skin from the front and back of the lumbar region. An incision that rotates the body through the full 360 degrees is used to remove any and all excess skin.

The patient will be asleep during the entire abdominoplasty procedure. The operation could take anywhere from four to six hours to complete, depending on what exactly needs to be done.

Following the procedure, you will be transported back to your room where you will be fitted for a unique corset. There will be one probe attached to it. After examining your health and making a determination based on that information, the attending physician may decide to remove the probe the following day.

There are going to be resistances in your body after you have had tummy tuck surgery. The elimination of contaminated blood and fluid caused by edema will be beneficial to these drains. In most cases, the drains will be removed from your system during the 5th day of controls.

For the purpose of health and beauty travel, it is intended to remain in the hospital for a total of three days and nights, including the day of the procedure itself, in order to have a tummy tuck.

The drug treatments prescribed by your doctor will begin after the tummy tuck surgery has been completed. Your serum will be administered with the analgesics and antibiotics at predetermined intervals.

Four hours after the procedure, you will be able to eat normally again. After you have finished your meal, the nurses will assist you during your first walk outside the hospital. During the very first walk, it is not uncommon for new walkers to experience symptoms like dizziness, a feeling of fainting, or numbness in the feet. These are all perfectly normal reactions. After you have had some time to rest, you should make another attempt to walk. Walking lowers the likelihood of developing an embolism.

After having a tummy tuck, you are encouraged to consume a large amount of fluids. It is suggested that you consume approximately 3 liters of water. You should make an effort to be more active.

Because stitches are placed in your abdomen, you will experience a constricted sensation there. Because of this, when you are walking, you will be asked to walk at a very slight incline.

Your bed will be moved to the appropriate position so that the muscles in your stomach do not have to work as hard.

Throughout your time spent in the hospital, your hemoglobin level will be tracked and recorded. Your preoperative blood test values will be compared with your postoperative blood test values after the surgery has been completed. Blood transfusions are an option for patients who require additional blood in the event that their hemoglobin levels drop.

Patient Care and Recovery Process

You will go straight to your hotel after being released from the hospital so that you can relax there until it is time for you to check in. During this time, the Health and beauty travel private nurse will pay you a daily visit in order to monitor your progress. It will handle changing your clothes and controlling your body for you. A test of resistance is going to be carried out. During this period, you will be given information regarding the drain discharge.

It is important that you pay attention to maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of water while you are staying at the hotel. There is a possibility of stomach upset. You could inquire for assistance in this matter with the private nurse.

You should get some exercise by going for frequent walks around the hotel. You should not consume meals in your room, especially breakfast and dinner; instead, go to the restaurant.

After the third and fourth day following surgery, you will start to feel significantly better. 6. You will have complete command over the events of the day. Your obstructions and resistances will be removed.

You will receive a drainage massage at your hotel on the same day that your drains are being cleaned out.

You will be driven to the airport in a VIP vehicle on the seventh day, and a flight report will be prepared for your departure back to your country.

We strongly suggest that you continue getting drainage massages for the first ten days after your tummy tuck surgery. During this phase of the process, you will need to keep your corset on for the amount of time recommended by your physician. At intervals ranging from 3-6-9 weeks, you will be asked to send in photographs in order to perform surgical controls on yourself using those images.

It is important that you pay attention to maintaining a regular eating schedule while avoiding putting on weight. You can start walking after 3 weeks. Your stitched area will continue to look red for the next six months. The image then gradually becomes less clear.

How Much Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

The cost of having a tummy tuck surgery may change depending on the technique that is chosen to be used. You can get in touch with health and beauty travel assistants to find out the cost of having tummy tuck surgery performed as well as the technique that will work best for you.