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Is Aesthetic Surgery Possible During Menstrual Period?

Road to Perfection

Is Aesthetic Surgery Possible During Menstrual Period?

Road to Perfection
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Is Aesthetic Surgery Possible During Menstrual Period?

The question of whether plastic surgery can be performed during the menstrual period  (menstruation period) is at the top of the list of questions asked and pondered by our patients who plan their aesthetic operations with Health and Beauty Travel.

There is no problem for the plastic surgeon or the hospital service as long as the operation date coincides with the menstrual period and the patient does not have a problem or a clotting problem. What matters here is which plastic surgery the patient will undergo.

If the patient’s plastic surgery involves genital aesthetics, the procedure should be performed after the menstrual period.


Some of Genital Aesthetic Operations


It is an operation to narrow the vagina due to factors such as aging vaginal elasticity, stretching and tearing during normal birth, trauma and damage to the vagina, and the fact that the vagina is not narrow due to genetic reasons.


It is a surgical procedure used to correct issues such as sagging, darkening, and elongation of the vaginal inner lips. It is most often due to genetic structure. It can sometimes cause problems for women and their partners during sexual encounters. It may result in a sound coming from the vagina. Women wearing bikini swimwear, in particular, may encounter difficulties. It is possible that you will get a lot of vaginal infections.

Is Surgery Risky During Menstrual Period?

Aside from the genital operations mentioned above, there is no harm in performing the aesthetic procedure during the menstrual cycle.

As a result, patients with coagulation issues should avoid having plastic surgery during their menstrual cycle. In such a case, you should notify both your organization and your doctor. In this case, your doctor may advise you to postpone your surgery until after your period has finished.

Patients who will have liposuction, tummy tuck, bbl, or combined surgeries during their menstrual period should still have blood tests for hemoglobin and bleeding coagulation time (Pt-Aptt) for control. The patient who will be undergoing surgery may be unaware of the coagulation issue. Potential risks will be avoided as a result of these tests.