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Liposuction Recovery Process

Road to Perfection

Liposuction Recovery Process

Road to Perfection

Liposuction Recovery Process

The way each person recovers from liposuction may be different. The length of time it takes to recover from liposuction depends on your skin, what you eat, your genes, and the way you live.

How the Healing Process Progress After Liposuction?

We can check on the recovery from liposuction every week. We would like to tell you what to expect each week and how the healing process works.

1) First Week After Liposuction Healing Process and Expectations

The first week after your surgery is when you start to notice big changes in your body. It is the week when you feel the most tired, weak, and in pain because of the liposuction surgery.

During the first week, your body gets ready for the surgery by making itself stronger. In response to liposuction, your fat cells, tissues, and skin form edema to protect themselves. Your skin is getting bigger. Your body’s response to this surgery is to make you bruised and red. After liposuction, you can expect all of these things to happen.

The effect of anesthesia is another thing that can cause these changes in your body. The effects of anesthesia are big, especially when it comes to making the face and eyes swell up.

The body starts to feel better by the third day of the first week. You are starting to feel like you can walk and take care of your daily needs again.

It is normal for the places where liposuction is done to hurt. The numbness keeps going on.

People can have trouble going to the bathroom, especially in the first four days. Some patients can go to the bathroom without any trouble, but others may have trouble. This may be different for each person. You can ask your doctor for help with this.

In the first week after liposuction, your body may leak dirty blood and edema fluids. These liquids come from the drains in your home. You should not worry about this.

2) Second Week After Liposuction Healing Process and Expectations

From the second week after liposuction surgery, it is a good idea to go for massages (Day 8). Drainage massages are very helpful, especially for getting rid of edema and fluids that have built up in the body and speeding up the healing process.

In the second week after liposuction, you will feel better. You can get back to your regular life. Your edema and swelling will start to go down. During this step, you can start to walk. Short walks that do not tire your body out will help your body heal.

After liposuction and bbl surgery, you may be told to get a new corset instead of the one you were given. From the second week, you can wear a Columbia corset. Columbia corsets are tighter-fitting corsets that help shape the body. It is suggested that you wear it for 3 months.

The cuts and bruises on your body start to get better. You can look at your body in the mirror before you take a shower. You can show your doctor a picture of the swelling and fluid buildup that you think is strange. Your doctor will tell you what to do.

3) Third and Fourth Week Recovery Process and Expectations After Liposuction

In the third and fourth weeks after liposuction, you will be able to see more clearly how your body has changed. During these weeks, it is easier to see where the forest is getting thinner. The difference between the places where fat is taken away is clear. This will get you more excited. Redness and bruises start to get less clear. Payments are getting lower.

Some places where liposuction was done may still feel numb and tingly. You might feel some mild pain.

You can go back to work between the third and fourth week after liposuction.

During this time, you can begin to walk quickly. You need to watch out so you do not gain weight. You should not smoke or drink while you are still getting better.

Do not forget to get massages after lipo. You should keep drinking lots of water, going for walks, and eating well.

4) 2nd and 3rd Month Recovery Process and Expectations After Liposuction

After two and three months, your body starts to show the expected results of the liposuction. At the end of the third month, you can stop wearing the Columbia corset.

During this time, you can talk to your doctor or team about the results of your body. You can ask your doctor about a corset or a massage.

5) 4th and 8th Month Recovery Process and Expectations After Liposuction

After liposuction surgery, it could take up to 6 months for all of the swelling to leave the body. You might not notice these swellings much.

From the eighth month on, you will be able to see how the liposuction surgery turned out in the end.

After liposuction surgery and in the time that follows, you should be careful not to gain weight. You need to work out and drink a lot of water.