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Mini Tummy Tuck or Full Tummy Tuck?

Road to Perfection

Mini Tummy Tuck or Full Tummy Tuck?

Road to Perfection
mini karin germe mi tam karin germe mi

Mini Tummy Tuck or Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Differences Between Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck surgery in Turkey has skyrocketed in recent years. This surgery, which is performed in conjunction with liposuction, is more difficult than other aesthetic procedures. As a result, the procedure must be carried out by the right doctor, the right operation, and the right organization.


mini karin germe mi tam karin germe mi

Who is Full Tummy Tuck Surgery Suitable For?

Who Is Mini Tummy Tuck Performed For?

Mini tummy tuck surgery is an excellent surgery for correcting sagging in the lower abdomen after childbirth.

*WARNING* – Obesity and obesity treatments do not include full tummy tuck surgery and mini tummy tuck surgery!


How is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed in Turkey?

mini karin germe mi tam karin germe mi

Full tummy tuck surgery is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat from the area as well as stretching sagging skin from the upper and lower abdomen. The lower abdomen’s excess fat and skin are removed, and the upper abdomen is liposuctioned. An incision is made in the groin area just above the hairy part to allow this process to take place. Abdominoplasty is another name for it. The navel is reconstructed and the entire abdomen is stretched. It is appropriate to spend two nights in the hospital under control.

In Turkey, a stay of 7 days is sufficient for recovery and care.

How is Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed in Turkey?

Mini abdominoplasty is another term for mini tummy tuck surgery. It is a surgical procedure in which a 15, 20 cm incision is made in the lower abdomen. It aids in the recovery of excess sagging skin beneath the belly button. It is a popular aesthetic procedure not only for removing excess skin from the lower part of the navel, but also when the navel is higher than it should be.

It is appropriate to spend two nights in the hospital under control.

A 7-day stay in Turkey for mini tummy tuck surgery is sufficient for recovery and care.

Should I Have a Tummy Tuck or a Mini Tummy Tuck?

The healthiest answer to this question becomes clear after our doctor examines you and determines the best treatment for you. The type of operation varies depending on the patient’s body deformation and wishes.

This process is carried out by the Health and Beauty Travel Organization team in consultation with Expert Aesthetic Surgery. Patients’ information, photographs, and videos are presented at the Plastic Surgeon consultation in Turkey. The doctor’s advice and treatment plan are passed on to the patient. The organization’s team and the patient assess the situation, and travel arrangements are made.

Patients are generally pleased with the results of abdominoplasty.

Turkey receives a large number of international patients for mini tummy tuck and Turkey tummy tuck surgeries. This is due to the doctors’ extensive experience and the reasonable prices.

After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Can I Have Abdominal Aesthetic Surgery for the Second Time?

Yes. You can have a second operation if one year has passed since your first one. In the second operation, less fat is removed than in the first.

Abdominal Corset

The abdominal corset should be worn for three months following the operation. According to those who have had mini tummy tuck surgery, this corset has no effect on their lives and is simple to use.

Which Doctor Performs Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey?

It is best done by an aesthetic, plastic, or reconstructive surgeon. Although some obstetricians perform this procedure, it is best to go with plastic surgeons for the best results.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Dangerous?

Tummy tuck surgery is also very important like other surgeries, so choosing the right surgeon is very important. As long as your surgery is performed by an experienced doctor, there is no problem.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Price in Turkey

Prices for tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks in Turkey are not fixed. As previously stated, it varies depending on the procedure that our patient desires and requires to be performed on his body. Abdominoplasty is more popular in large cities such as Istanbul because the doctors are highly skilled and Turkey has advanced to a high level in terms of aesthetics. You can get the best prices by contacting us.