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Liposuction Process

What should you pay attention to before and after the liposuction surgery? You will find answers to your questions, such as what to look for for an aesthetic cure, how many hours to stay sober, how long to be in Turkey, how long to stay in the hospital, and expectations after the operation.

Preparation Before Liposuction

  • – You must fast 8-10 hours before the operation. So you are not allowed to eat or drink anything.
  • – Wearing comfortable clothing is preferable for surgery.
  • – Showering the morning of surgery will help you relax.
  • – No make-up before surgery
  • – You must remove your metal objects such as piercings, jewelry, and hairpins before the operation.
  • – If you are taking blood thinners, you must stop at least ten days before the operation. It would help if you did not take vitamin E.
  • – Please inform us of the daily medications you are taking.
  • – Herbal and supportive products such as herbal tea and green tea should NOT be consumed for at least ten days before and ten days after surgery. Green tea, in particular, can cause severe bleeding.
  • – Notify us in time if you have complaints such as a cold and flu, which may cause your operation to be canceled.
  • – Don’t forget to mention if you are taking blood pressure, heart, sugar, or thyroid medications. Bring your medication.
  • – You must stop taking your contraceptive medication four weeks before the operation.
  • – Get some rest before surgery. Do not make strenuous efforts.
  • – Stop smoking and alcohol consumption for one week in advance.
  • – If possible, send us the blood count results, Pt, and Aptt blood tests one week before the operation.
  • – On the day of the operation, you may bring someone along for support.

How Many Hours Does Liposuction Operation Take?

The liposuction operation takes about 1-4 hours. The time may vary depending on the number of liposuction areas and the patient’s body fat percentage.

Which Anesthesia Method Is Used For Liposuction?

The liposuction operation that we perform in Turkey is performed under general anesthesia.

Is Liposuction a Painful Operation?

You will not feel any pain during the liposuction operation and may have muscle pain for the first two days after surgery. You will get through this process with ease with the prescription painkillers.

What Is the Age Limit for Liposuction?

The age limit is 18 for plastic surgery. According to parents and the physician’s agreement and approval, it can be applied to people under the age of 18.

The Duration of Corset Wearing After Liposuction Operation?

You must wear your 1st stage corset that you will be worn immediately after the liposuction operation day and night for one week. After that, the 2nd stage corset must be worn day and night for approximately three months.

Is There a Rest Report For My Workplace After Liposuction?

If the patient’s condition and the doctor deems it appropriate, a 3-day rest report can be given after the liposuction operation.

When Can I Return to Work After the Liposuction Operation?

We recommend that you take your rest for at least one week after the liposuction operation. If you have an office job, you can go back to work after one week.

When Do I Start Sports Activities After Liposuction Operation?

You can start walking at a leisurely pace from 3 days after the liposuction operation. After three weeks, you can slowly build up the exercise, and after eight weeks, you can generally exercise again.

Will There be Scars On My Body After Liposuction Operation?

2-3 mm cannulas are used to remove fat from the patient. The holes are tiny and difficult to see from the outside. Nevertheless, a light scar may remain. These scars begin to fade over time.

Can the Fat Taken In Liposuction Surgery be Reused?

In liposuction surgery, the body’s fats can be injected, especially in the butt area recently. It can also be used on the forehead, breasts, chin groove, places that seem necessary on the face, crooked leg treatment, and many other areas.

Will the Fat Removed After Liposuction Come Back?

The recovery of fat removed after liposuction is more up to you. Fats can come back as a result of an unbalanced diet and a life without sports. But it is not possible to get it back if you live a regular and healthy life.

Will My Insurance Cover Liposuction Operation?

State and your insurance do not cover liposuction.

Can I Have Liposuction Surgery During Pregnancy?

Liposuction surgery performed with general anesthesia may harm the baby. Liposuction is more appropriate when the breastfeeding period is over after birth.

Is Liposuction Operation Harmful?

Liposuction is the process of removing fat. After fat intake, a decrease in your sugar ratio is observed. You are less likely to have diabetes. Liposuction is beneficial, not harmful, in terms of both your health and body image.

When Will Edema Disappear After Liposuction Operation?

It is typical for edema and swelling to occur after a liposuction operation. You will realize that edema and swelling begin to decrease rapidly after five days. The final stage of this process can sometimes take six months.

Should I Have Massage After Liposuction Operation?

We recommend massage after a liposuction operation. A therapeutic massage with a specialist masseur at regular intervals will be beneficial in both body shaping and rapid removal of edema.

How Much Can Fat Be Removed With Liposuction?

The ratio of fat to be removed with liposuction may vary from person to person. Considering the physician’s decision, the patient’s health condition, 4-10 liters of fat can be removed.

Where Can I Have Liposuction Operation?

We operate the liposuction surgery in Turkey. We prefer fully equipped hospitals with intensive care units. It is essential to choose an equipped hospital for liposuction performed by Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

From Which Areas of Body Can Fat Be Taken Most?

The fattest areas are the abdomen, side rings, back, inner leg, breast, arms, upper vagina, knees, and hips. Also, fat can be taken from other areas according to the needs of the patient.

How Much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost?

Liposuction prices are given as a package. Hotel, transfer, corset, medicines, and operation are included in this process. You can get information from our call center portion or prices for liposuction operations we did in Turkey.