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Psychological Evaluation Before Aesthetic Operation

Road to Perfection

Psychological Evaluation Before Aesthetic Operation

Road to Perfection
psychologische beoordeling vóór een esthetische operatie

Psychological Evaluation Before Aesthetic Operation

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, it is essential for the patient to make the necessary preparations, both physically and mentally, for the operation.

To sort the reasons why it is crucial to maintain your mental preparedness for an operation:

As a summary of the experiences that were had with actual patients, we can present the scenarios that have been mentioned above. These issues sometimes result in the cancellation of the surgery, and other times they lead to complications both physically and psychologically after the surgery.

When it comes to our patients’ overall well-being, we at Health and Beauty Travel take into account both their mental and physical health. For this reason, we were interested in receiving support from a knowledgeable individual in the field.

We would like to share with you some information that was provided by Expert Psychologist Servet Asan regarding the preparation that should be done before an aesthetic operation as well as the psychological support that should be given after the procedure.

Psychological Evaluation

An individual’s behaviors, feelings, and mental structure are all subjected to an investigation during the psychological evaluation process. The purpose of this investigation is to uncover the challenges faced and the root causes of the issues that have arisen in this area. This procedure, which is carried out by professionals in the field (psychiatrists and psychologists), has two primary goals: the first is to preserve the individual’s ability to function normally in daily life, and the second is to bring the individual to an emotional level at which they are able to feel generally good and have positive cognitions. The resources of psychological science and a variety of theoretical techniques are being utilized by specialists in an effort to accomplish this objective.

In Which Situations Should I Consider a Psychological Evaluation?

The examples that were presented above are adequate for use in a psychological evaluation.


Why is Psychological Evaluation Important Before Aesthetic Operations?

Evaluation of a person’s psychological state is an essential and essential step in ensuring that a person has a healthy mental structure that will enable them to examine the significant choices that they will make for the rest of their lives. This applies to all cognitive processes, not just those that are challenging or difficult to deal with. People may have developed unfavorable ideas about their physical appearance, which may influence significant choices such as whether or not to have plastic surgery. This is a very pressing matter to consider. By undergoing a psychological evaluation, a person can determine whether or not a healthy mental functioning process along with environmental factors are involved in the process of having an aesthetic operation. When they are medically necessary, aesthetic operations are considered a healthy procedure; however, they can also be performed completely at the patient’s request. This is not an issue that should cause concern; rather, it relates to the expansion of opportunities available today. The question that needs to be asked and answered here is what factors influence a person’s choice to go in this particular direction. What does it mean for the individual that this effect has taken place? Such questions require not only answers but also an accurate analysis. If you have the assistance of an expert, you will be able to make a decision that is much more beneficial to you and that will be based on a healthier basis. 

As is the case with every person, a period of stress and anxiety may set in after the decision has been made to undergo an aesthetic operation. This is something that can be observed in every person. Because of this, making this decision with the help of a healthy support system will also enable you to deal with challenging circumstances such as stress and anxiety in a more healthy manner. Before the procedure, it is natural to feel a little stressed out and anxious about what is going to happen. Your ability to properly and healthily manage the process will be a determining factor in the amount of stress and anxiety that you experience. When going through this procedure, it is sufficient reason to raise your stress and anxiety level to set up scenarios on possible adverse outcomes. It will be much more helpful for a healthy process if you learn all of the details from the appropriate sources and are able to ask all of your questions without feeling any hesitation. 

It is important for you to be aware that the levels of stress and anxiety you experience will rise in circumstances in which you are unable to obtain sufficient information about the process. After the psychological evaluation, it is possible for you to make progress that is both correct and healthy in regard to your level of anxiety and stress. With the help of a few real-world examples, we would like to highlight and recommend the significance of undergoing a psychological evaluation prior to undergoing aesthetic surgery.

Your Curiosities

1.What is the effect of psychological drugs on surgery?

It is imperative that you discuss the medications you take with your primary care physician. In that case, you run the risk of experiencing the negative effects of the medications you take either before or after the procedure. In addition, it is possible that keeping the drugs that are being used a secret poses a direct risk to your health. It is important that you let your doctor know if you have any time-sensitive concerns regarding the administration of your medications. If you do not share, you will go beyond the purpose for which the drugs were intended, which will cause you to experience psychological distress.

In such a scenario, the circumstance in which you find yourself has the potential to terrify you, increasing the likelihood that you will do something harmful to the transaction team, including yourself and the people with whom you communicate. Because of this, the effects of psychological drugs are of utmost significance for the process that you are operating under.

2.This operation is not something I want, but the people around me do. Does it matter?

If external factors influence the decisions you make concerning aesthetic operations, you should first allow yourself sufficient time for the operation and consider whether you truly want to make the operation decision on your own. If you want this operation on your own volition rather than the will of the people with whom you communicate, then it indicates that you have made a healthy decision. Knowing that the change will be a change in your life and doing something you do not want will be an unhealthy and difficult process if you do not want it, but your friends or partner or someone from your family does want it. This entails carrying out a process that will leave you and the operations team feeling exhausted and will produce poor results overall. When it comes to making significant choices that will affect the rest of your life, it is imperative that you first determine what you want and then act accordingly.

3.What are the Psychological Preparation Suggestions Before Aesthetic Surgery?

After you have made the decision to have plastic surgery, you will be thrust into an unknown adventure that will have consequences for you. What will the outcome be? His way of thinking will cause you to consider a variety of alternative possibilities. Because of this, you should not be surprised if you find yourself struggling with anxiety. In order to avoid being in this predicament, the first step is to gather all of the information that will make it possible for you to unwind and calm down. Your confidence in the procedure will increase if you select the best possible physician to perform it. You need to make sure that the operation team that you communicate with answers all of your questions and that you obtain all of the information you can about the process. If this does not change, negative thoughts will persist. During the operation, you need to provide the surgical team with as much information as possible and go into detail about any diseases you have had in the past. You have a responsibility to be transparent about the drugs you are using. You should be as forthcoming as possible about the problems you are experiencing, and you should defer to the judgment of the attending physician and the other members of the operating room staff regarding the possibility that the problems will affect the outcome of the operation. After the operation, you need to make sure that you adhere to the instructions that have been provided to you and that you inform the operation team about any pain or other similar experiences that you will have.

Who is Expert Psychologist Servet Asan?

servet asan

Servet Asan (born on December 28th, 1992 in Van) received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Halic University. She earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the same university. During the course of his education, he completed internships at the hospital in French Lape and in a number of private businesses. She was active in many of the programs that were offered at both the Erenkoy Psychiatric Hospital and the Bakrkoy Psychiatric Hospital. She was a contributor to a wide variety of Social Responsibility Projects. The Project Without You, the Clean Steps for a Healthy Life Project, and the General Coordinator of the Children’s Awareness Projects are the three initiatives that are considered to be of the utmost significance. The Young Psychologists Book, which serves as an introduction to the field of psychology, and the 12th Session (Fügue) Books on Dissociative Fugue Disease are both works that he has authored. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Psychology Youth Association, an organization that was founded to defend the principles of psychological science. During the 36th Ordinary General Assembly Elections held by the Turkish Psychological Association, he garnered enough votes to become a Member of the Board of the Headquarters. He is currently working as a Psychologist and Family Counselor in the field of Mental Health.