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Risks of Bodybuilding Drugs for Plastic Surgery

Road to Perfection

Risks of Bodybuilding Drugs for Plastic Surgery

Road to Perfection
Vücut Geliştirme İlaçlarının Estetik Ameliyat için Riskleri

Risks of Bodybuilding Drugs for Plastic Surgery

One of the issues to consider before undergoing aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and gynecomastia is when the patient should stop using bodybuilding drugs for the duration of the procedure.

Muscle-building medications such as protein powder, steroids, and amino acids should be avoided for at least two weeks prior to plastic surgery.

How Long Before the Surgery Should I Stop Bodybuilding Medication?

It is recommended that you stop taking medications and supplements, such as steroids and protein powder, two months prior to the operation. If you are courting, you should schedule your courtship to coincide with the date of the operation.

What Are the Risks of Bodybuilding Medicines for Aesthetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and gynecomastia are associated with a risk of bleeding due to the removal of fat from the body. For this reason, patients should be informed that blood thinners should not be taken prior to surgical procedures. Bodybuilding supplements are among the medications that cause excessive bleeding.

If the patient used the bodybuilding drug within a few days of the surgery date, the surgery can be postponed or canceled altogether. The patient is required to provide the date on which he last used the bodybuilding drug in question.

After surgery, hemorrhage is one of the potential complications that can occur, along with the risk of bleeding in patients who are taking bodybuilding drugs. Aside from that, bleeding can have far more serious and tragic consequences.


What is a Hematoma?

Bruises can be formed as a result of blood vessels being damaged, resulting in blood-filled spaces appearing on the skin.

Certain procedures have the potential to drain the pool of blood in some instances. Hematoma should not be regarded as a source of blood loss. The blood had spread to the tissues and had shown signs of clotting.

How is Hematoma Diagnosed?


To prepare for surgery, we recommend that you stop taking steroids and protein medications two months before the procedure. This is critical in order to avoid having your surgery canceled as well as to avoid complications during and after the procedure.